Thingie Post – 5

I like the way he appreciates food anyone makes..when the food is homemade, he eats whats given, adjusts to whatever is served and appreciates the efforts the other person has put into making the food

He is a pleasure to go with while travelling by train..he buys me whatever food comes on the way and makes it a point to ensure I have enough books and magazines to pass my time and lets me sleep on the upper berth for as long as i want 🙂

I like his selection in clothes…most of the clothes that he buys are really nice looking and he knows my perfect size…I am not kidding..right from the size when I was enormous before marriage, lost weight right after marriage and put on all that post R’s birth..he has always gotten me the RIGHT size of jeans…I dont know of anyone else who can buy jeans which are comfortable without taking the person along for size trial!


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3 Responses to Thingie Post – 5

  1. Mama - Mia says:

    OMG! are M and him Kumbh ke mele mein bicchde hue bhais?? 🙂

  2. weourlife says:

    getting perfect sized cloths and jeans ..that's a big waw..I am sure my husband can't do that..

  3. R's Mom says:

    @Abha: Ho sakta hai..we should make these guys meet up and then see what they can do for their wives..heheeh 🙂 You coming to Mumbai shortly…I will come and meet up with you @weourlife: Yaa he can ya..and I am truely amazed with that ability of his!

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