10 Steps to Successfully Get your Pre-Wedding Anniversary Gift

How do you buy your pre wedding anniversary gift without the interference of your husband

Step 1: Look out for a book fair which is far far away from home
Step 2: Ensure that your husband is away to some really far place like Vaishnav Devi so that he cant really track your movements
Step 3: Pick up a Saturday and leave your child at the daycare
Step 4: Board a really really crowded train to Churchgate
Step 5: Go in circles all round churchgate looking for Sundarbai hall wondering how the address given can be near churchgate station when you have walked about 20 minutes (10 minutes went in eating a yummy sandwich!whatever!) and realise that you took the wrong road
Step 6: Visit the Strand Book Festival at the Hall and spend about 2 hours browsing
Step 7: Ensure that the two hours are not wasted and you spend appropriate amount of money
Step 8: Call up husband who is sincerely praying for good health at Golden Temple that he needs to now start praying for some good money as well since his wife has spent LOADS of money on buying books
Step 9: Feel a bit guilty about it and tell him – okie this is my pre wedding anniversary gift
Step 10: Please use the word PRE..thats the key word

It was awesome…Got tons of books for R and got a super book on periodic table for dad and a book on how hydrogen may not be the actual fuel for the future for him as well

The only drawback of buying so many books was
1) Travelling back all the way from churchgate to home by train with the bag weighing down my shoulders ! Phew!
2) Reading ALL ALL ALL the books to R which took about 4 hours! Phew!

Also met up with my former boss and another friend who had flown down from Chennai for lunch…Felt so wonderful talking to them and I am sure that I will never get a better boss than him 🙂


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2 Responses to 10 Steps to Successfully Get your Pre-Wedding Anniversary Gift

  1. R's Mom says:

    @Abha: Yaa sure was 🙂

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