….so sick that I couldnt get up from the bed post 26th Jan…I have spent 2 days in bed just lying down doing nothing and I took TWO days off work..which really means I WAS SICK…I hate take days off work…dont ask me why..but somehow school was never ever bunked…I remember our neighbour uncle wading through knee deep water carrying me on his shoulders till the main road because I cried like crazy for 15 minutes wanting to go to the bus stop to go to school when I was in my class 5 and dad wasnt around to take me!!!

I think I was the only nerd in college who attended all lectures..trust me I attended each and every damn lecture writing notes furiously and converting them into fair copies sitting in the library and before every prep leave, the last day of college, the photocopy shop near the college would be delighted that he would have about 20 note books to be photocopied into thirty copies..yes rest of the thirty guys would just copy my notes and study..I was a total waste in college…and oh I did bunk..but those were in support of the mass bunk which the guys from the hostel (my class had about 60% hostelites) would call to go home..thats it..otherwise, you can go check the MSU chem engg department register…my name features in every bloody lecture…I was a total nerd..well I did mention that earlier right!

and then of course…the two work changes which I have done till date, I have encashed more than a month’s leave accumulated…

Well so you do get the point na…I WAS SICK!!! so sick that I had to take leaves!!!

Of course, I was royally pampered by hubby, frequent phone calls from both the set of parents where I would act pricey and pretend I couldnt talk and so just msg them or let hubby do the talking…and R of course was a doll (Kala tikka again) she didnt trouble hubby one bit, let me lie down in peace, went to day care without asking for mom, came back and managed to eat whatever we gave her and patted me to sleep…

Now back to the blogging world and I was so totally missing reading blogs, writing comments and writing blogposts myself.. :):)


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9 Responses to I WAS SICK

  1. Seena says:

    We missed you too..Nice to see you back in action:)Seena

  2. Oh dear ! Hope you are fit as a fiddle now !

  3. R's Mom says:

    @Seena: thanks thanks..@Bits of choc: yaa totally fiddly 😉

  4. Ratzzz says:

    oi!! are u ok now??i was bit of a mess myself and didnt read ur post till now.. are u well? *shakes you violently*

  5. Glad you and fit and fine now. Missed your posts though!

  6. R's Mom says:

    @Ratzz: *Shaken and still alive* yes yes…much better now..whats with you..theek hai na?@Melbournemangai: I always wanted to tell you that I love your name..hehehe 🙂 melbournemangai…has such a cute feeling to it…yep me much much better now thanks 🙂

  7. Poulami says:

    "I attended each and every damn lecture writing notes furiously and converting them into fair copies sitting in the library"?!!!!issshhhhh..chi chi..am ashamed of u!!!tch tch!!nyhoo…good to see u back in biz 🙂

  8. Thanks very much. You know what Baroda is quite spl for me too since I worked at IOCL for 2 years staying at Refinery township. Miss BRC a lot..;-( Where did you live in Baroda?

  9. R's Mom says:

    @Pamz: I know even I am ashamed of myself now :)@Melbouremangai: will send you an email 🙂

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