and thank you HG for it…and thank you hubby and mom and dad and R for all the encouragement (Err..doesnt this sound like an award acceptance speech!)

I managed to finish 21.097 (Please note the .097, every cm is important) Kilometers Half Marathon in Mumbai yesterday..yes folks 21.097 Kms though it took 3 hours and 18 minutes but lets not dwell on that now!

*Applause, balloons flying and cracker bursting*

And I did it all thanks to my friend HG in office…

so here’s the story…one of my colleagues PN put up a notice on the office notice board sometime in July announcing the Mumbai marathon and that there would be training together in the Mahalaxmi grounds every sunday morning for who ever is interested, etc etc…

Last year, mom had run the Vadodara marathon and I was all inspired by it and so I spoke to PN and he told me that lets just gather as many people we can and start the training…Since it was only July I really didnt take him seriously etc etc..

after a few days, he introduced me to HG who is an American girl who has come on 1 year deputation to India and was running some cross country marathon in the US in August and wanted to know if we could train together….I was okie with meeting on Sunday mornings since Hubby could take care of R for about 4 hours or so..

so for about 2 sunday mornings starting July, I met up HG and PN at mahalaxmi at about 6.30 in the morning meaning that I would get up at 4 and leave home by 4.45 to catch the train from the suburbs to town early in the morning…I could do about 4 to 6 kms of running and rest of the day act as if my limbs didnt belong to me πŸ™‚

On an average, I was practising 2 sundays out of four till about September….and after that it came down to about 1 sunday a month…but I would try and get up in the mornings about 15 minutes earlier and just go for a quick run after finishing all the cooking etc…

Come Diwali and after that I had practically stopped practicing..every weekend was either going out of station or some work or the other or chums or something…basically no practice..

Then I ran the Goa River marathon fun run of 5 kms with my dad and hubby and managed to complete it…and thats it… after that ZERO, NIL practice…absolutely no practice..

but on Sunday morning, when HG picked me up, she was pretty confident that I would complete it…Thankfully my mom had come in the previous day from Goa and hence she and hubby were there to take care of R while I ran…mom and hubby told me run as much as you can and come back after that! So I was all prepared to leave the race half way and then come back from mahalaxmi station or something!

anyways on sunday morning, the atmosphere at the holding area near Bandra was electrifying….11,000 people all in their running gear all gathered up and it was awesome…the race started exactly at 6.15 and HG was with me ALL THE WAY…now note that HG is almost a professional marathoner…she has run a lot of marathons in the US and her timing is pretty good…but this time, she ran it at my pace slowly doing a walk jog walk jog all through out…she was motivating me at every step, not letting me slack, not letting me give up…just a kilometer more just a kilometer more she kept saying..the others from our office were way ahead, but she was with me ALL the time…she gave me water, energy bars, energy drinks, kept motivating me forever…

when we finished 17 kms, I gave up…I told her I cant do it..she wouldnt hear anything about it..okie lets go till that signal, till that tree, till the next kilometer mark and kept me going on and on and on! my feet hurt, my hands hurt, my everything hurt like crazy…the last four kilometers, I just walked, walked really really slow while she kept prompting me to go a bit faster, bit further, bit better…but no..I was downright rude to her when she asked me if I wanted to jog a bit :):)

as we approached the last 500 meters, she told me you HAVE to run, because its mandatory to run to complete…and I was like okie…I ran the last 100 meters with all my might, all my will power, all my strength…Once I finished, our other colleagues who had come to cheer us, came and enveloped us in bear hugs and then I realised that I had done it..completely finished a half marathon, for me its one of the best achievements in my life, something I think I will always always be proud of…

So after the marathon, I reached home and you know what I liked better than finishing the marathon, all the pampering hubby and mom gave me, took out my shoes and socks, got hot water for me to soak my legs, massaged my legs, got me food, got me pills to eat..etc etc…mom took care of the food and R and both of them ensured that I didnt move a muscle literally…I think that was the best part of running the marathon

today as I come to office, my whole BODY is sore, my legs hurt, my shoulders hurt, everything hurts, I have chipped a part of my big toe on the left leg which has been bandaged by the doc…I wish I had been a little more consistent in my practice..but its okie..thanks to HG I finished it..and I am happy about actually I am really really proud of my achievement!!! so Thank you HG for all the encouragement and I apologise if I was rude to you during the run πŸ™‚


In other news, hubby managed to convince R to go for a haircut with him, while her mom was running the marathon and she agreed…latest R look, plucked chicken with crew cut hair..!!!


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15 Responses to YES I DID IT

  1. scribblermom says:

    Congrats on the run.. Way to go girl

  2. R's Mom, Many Congratulations. R's Dad, Many congratulations to you too. And you know what, the stuff you wrote about HG goading you on and making you complete the run, is the second instance I am reading. Kavi, who did the full marathon, posted this .. Just thought you would enjoy that…Congratulations again…

  3. Wow that's a himalayan task!Well done RM…:-)

  4. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) One for the marathaon and 1 for ur post being picked by blogadda

  5. R's Mom says:

    @scribblermom: Thank u thank u!@Ugich-ji: thank you so much for the link to Kavi's blog…its amazing to read about a fellow blogger doing it..and oh should I admit, I LOVE your posts!@@Melbournemangai: thanks a ton@Shruti: thank u thank u..baap rey I didnt know about the blogadda thing..lemme go and check..thanks for providing the link πŸ™‚

  6. Ratzzz says:

    awesome awesome awesome!! congrats girlie!! *huggzz* πŸ™‚ am so proud of u πŸ™‚

  7. Seena says:

    Waw this is indeed a great achievement. I am so glad that you completed it. Congratulations to all of you..

  8. Rohini says:

    Awesome. I am totally impressed. And here I haven't been able to muster up the motivation to do the Dream Run even!

  9. Vidya says:

    R's dad s amazing…….raks u r lucky..congrats dear – Vidya

  10. R's Mom says:

    @Ratzz: thank u thank u :)hugs right back :)@Seena: thanks rey@Ro: thank u…guess you can do it next year for sure when Tarana is a bit older!@Vids: thanks rey..R's Mom is amazing first then R's dad heheeh πŸ™‚

  11. Savio says:

    Hey congrats for completing the race,I know how great it feel, I too ran it this year..Hope to see you next year also running, Same time, Same place πŸ˜‰

  12. R's Mom says:

    @Savio: thank u and congrats to you too…hopefully yes :):)

  13. BB says:

    Did you train with STRIDERS? How are they?

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