I am Convinced

This post was picked up by Blog Adda as a Spicy Saturday Pick! Thanks Blogadda, makes me feel great

– that the hubby lives on Jupiter..when I ask him to do something, he says 2 minutes and the response time is about 2 days..or lets say I call him as soon as I reach office in the morning and he says I will call you back in 10 minutes and give me a call after 10 hours when I am leaving office asking me what were you saying..Boss if I had so much memory power, I would not be sitting here in front of a comp, I would be earning millions by giving advice to people on increasing memory power

– that the daughter pretends she doesnt understand Tamil and Gujju, but actually understands all languages we speak, because when I try telling hubby something in Tamil she askes me about it in detail in Hindi and when I try saying something in Gujju, she askes me about it also in Hindi!

– that the trains in Mumbai wait for me to run at 100 kmph from outside to the stairs to the platform, pushing my aching muscles to climb 2 stairs at a time, weaving through the crowd like a sprinter and then leave just after they see me on top of the stairs trying to push my way through..this happens EVERYTIME, everytime, everytime

– that the ricks guys at Andheri east hate my face, they look at me, refuse to ply me and if the other pretty girl asks them to take her to the same place as I had stated, they ask her to sit

– that the bus conductors at BEST have decided that they will never ever ever give me change, despite the fact that I tell them that I need to get off at the last stop and that they can give me change after they finish with ticket collection of the entire bus!

– that both sets of parents are partial towards their grand daughter. Do I need to state a reason?

– that MS office has a vendetta against me, because every time I open excel it shows circular reference to the cells which I changed and saved yesterday

– that Excel sheets will haunt me even in my afterlife

– that the pizza guys at our place have a secret agenda of making me put on an additional 20 kgs because they keep giving such excellent promo offers to us that I cant help but go and take them

– that the dogs in our area are bent upon provoking me to run so that they can bite me, because they come to me as bees to flowers every morning and scare the hell out of me and R

– that the girl I have befriended from Baroda in this office, is on a mission to make me sad, because she keeps bringing up stuff which reminds me so much of Baroda that I end up being nostalgic almost everyday!

– that the guy who sits behind me is peering into my comp despite of the truck load of work he has, wondering what I am doing writing on a notepad in pointers

– that the finance dept of this company is bent upon making me a crazy freak, giving out instructions dime a dozen on how to fill tax forms, and where to fill tax forms, and what all to fill in the tax forms, and how to open the tax forms, you get the point right?

– most of the websites get some kind of immense pleasure in letting me know that I have put in the wrong password!

– that R is more popular than I am on FB, because any status update of mine involving her gets ‘likes’ from all my friends while any updates on myself, no one even bothers 😦

– that half the ladies in the first class compartment in the train hold a second class pass

– that the lady in the parlour has been given supari to hurt me to no end, by some of my enemy, the way she threads my eyebrows or waxes my underarms!


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7 Responses to I am Convinced

  1. Anonymous says:

    O my god! πŸ™‚

  2. Poulami says:

    ummm..totally agree to R being more famous on FB..i plead guilty of "liking" all R-related posts πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

  3. Awesome list, couldn't stop smiling coz I can identify with most of your points in that list.

  4. R's Mom says:

    @anon: LOL!@Pamz: you toh are dead meat when we meet next!@Swapna: hehehe πŸ™‚

  5. R's Mom, Nothing has changed since the mid 1970's , when I remember doing all these things you write about. I worked at Nariman Point and lived someplace between central and western railway stations. So the buses, conductors,change, lack of it, andheri (east), the ricks refusing, and running up and down railway station stairs to catch gracefully departing trains (without me), was absolutely the same. Nothing has changed. Except you guys have pizza available with delivery and deals. We had no pizza. Not even Vada pao, then. πŸ™‚

  6. R's Mom says:

    @Ugich-ji: LOL on the Vada pav πŸ™‚

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