Things I want to Do After I Retire

Retirement may be at any age, 35 or 55, I dont care, but these are some of the things I want to do..

– Read books regardless of work or time or any worries sitting on a hammock with a constant supply of chips and juice. not worry about the house or kid or work (which I would have obviously retired from!) or hubby or whatever
– Watch TV mindlessly
– Learn to dance gracefully
– Teach young kids either dance or even just normal everyday stuff like tables or something (Though this may not happen thanks to my impatience)
– Learn how to cook properly as in those exotic dishes you find on most food blogs which I just follow and drool
– Take care of my skin and hair like how they have in movies or books, apply creams and lotions and stuff
– Get a massage done (I dont think even this will happen, am too self consicous about the whole thing!)
– Get a pedicure/manicure done (Err, count this out as well, I get too worried about people laughing at my flat-duck-type-humungous-feet or bitten-into-the-socket nails)
– Shop, shop, shop at my own pace without worrying about daughter running here and there or hubby getting bored or worrying whether I can afford the stuff or not (even this may not happen with the home loan and car loan threatening to take away most of the salary!) Like just go into a shop and pick up what I like, if not go to another shop, take a break of bhelpuri ro something, not worrying about how late its going to be and whether I can catch the train on time the next day!
– Go on a holiday to a beach resort, lie on a hammock and just read! Well its almost the same as the first
– Write some really interesting blog posts which would be make people discuss and give viewpoints, instead of the sad rants and sadder daily-this-happened-to-me posts which I do (well am waiting for this till I retire in hope that I shall become intelligent enough to dish out such posts)

So do you people also think of stuff like this or am I the only tired soul here 🙂

ETA: Sleep…How could I forget that!!! Sleep for like 12 hours continously!!!!


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5 Responses to Things I want to Do After I Retire

  1. Smita says:

    Hey… lets try that shopping stuff before you retire… kids with respective dads and we girls have a day out… sounds awesome na?

  2. R's Mom says:

    @Smits: hahaha! only one problem, finance 😦

  3. ahhhh.. my wishlist too. add to that a wish to open my own pottery store! kab dekhoongi main woh din.

  4. Ratzzz says:

    checkcheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheckhahhahahhaha… who need to retire for that… i did and am doing them all the time 😀 the benefits of being single and of having no kids 😀 😀

  5. R's Mom says:

    @Shruti: Pottery store! that toh you will do before retirement only..after retirement it will be teaching artless souls like us how to draw ;)@Ratzzz: grrrr! Wait till you get married and have kids…I will be retired and old by then…I will do the checking above as you did and you will then remember this post bah!

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