More Risms

R’s idol at school, V teacher has long long long hair which even R’s mom loves :):)

While trying to get her to comb her hair or giving her the general idea that her hair needs to be washed, we have this conversation at least 20 times a week…
RM : R do you want long hair like V teacher or short hair like Appa
R: Long hair like V teacher

Thus RM has drilled it into R’s brain that she wants long hair like V teacher and thus needs to comb, oil, wash etc etc regularly

so RM is trying to get R to wash her hair this Sunday
RM: while applying the shampoo to her hair, dont squirm so much, you want hair like V teacher na
R: Dramatically screaming, nahi nahi nahi, I want short hair like Appa!!!


RM and R was sitting in the drawing room to pod peas, and RD comes out from the kitchen trying to watch the IPL auction while simultaneously cooking rajma *yum*

R: Appa, aap stand mat karo, green peas ko clean karo (Appa, dont just stand, start cleaning the green peas!)


RM is cooking in the kitchen and tells R to do her homework *Evil, evil, evil*

RM: R get your pen and start drawing standing lines
R: yes amma

and gets her pencil and starts drawing standing lines
R: Amma, yeh dekho

RM: Very good, now draw sleeping line

R turns the book and says, yeh dekho amma sleeping line

RM :Speechless!


R: Amma, I spoke to DV’s mom on the phone today at the daycare
RM :Why
R: To tell her that DV is naughty!
RM: and you are not naughty?
R: nahi amma, I am toh good girl!


While getting dressed for office/daycare in the morning
RM: R, dont play with my dress give it to me
R: Amma, yeh toh dress nahi hai, yeh toh kurta hai!!!


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5 Responses to More Risms

  1. Ratzzz says:

    hahahaha… really!! R is going to be one hell of a lady when she grows up 😀

  2. seenaravi says:

    Appa, dont just stand, start cleaning the green peas!Hilarious :)Seena

  3. R's Mom says:

    @Ratzz: yaa right!@Seena: Funny na..even her dad was shocked at this hehehee 🙂 and dont blame the mom, I dont talk to her dad like this 😉

  4. I loved the standing line sleeping line the best! Muah to lil R.

  5. R's Mom says:

    @Shruti: thanks 🙂

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