Myriad of Uses

of the ladies washroom…

– Used as a wash room (duh! obviously)
– Used as a make up room where you can do everything from combing your hair, to re doing your kajal and eyeliner and your lipstick, etc etc
– used as a store house for variety of stuff including your make up stuff, extra bag, extra chappals, etc etc
– used as store where ladies bring in bulk clothes to sell and there are ladies who buy them in bulk
– used as a trail room where you can wear the clothes, model them for people around you and select which one suits you the best and buy it
– used as a secret-talk-on-the-phone room
– used as a saree draping room which includes yours truely using it the one time I wore saree in this office!
– used as sobbing room where there is even a small stool you can sit out and sob your heart out after a fight
– used as a gossip room where you can discuss anything and everything happening in the office on who is going around with whom etc etc (honestly that doesnt work in this office, people are too mature for that!)
– used as a temporary store room where you can keep your stuff for a while and pick it up in the evening when you need to go

Did you know this? I didnt!


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6 Responses to Myriad of Uses

  1. Ratzzz says:

    hahahahaha…believe me… for OCDmaniacs like me, none of the abv applies.. i walk in see the state and come running back, or use the loo and be back in jiffy as per the situation.. 🙂

  2. R's Mom says:

    @Ratz: babes I gather that you DONT work for an engineering firm :):)

  3. Is this your office bathroom or a public one? Either way, I am impressed to know that it's been maintained so well to have people buying clothes off of it.

  4. R's Mom says:

    @TPL: Arey office bathroom hai..yaa it is VERY well maintained 🙂

  5. momofrs says:

    LOL!!ABSOLUTELY TRUE!!This is exactly what happens in my office washroom too 🙂

  6. R's Mom says:

    @MomofRS: funny na

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