Differences in Working in an Engineering Firm and Consulting Firm

Disclaimer: based on personal experience

Consulting Firm (CF): hey dude, wassup
Engineering Firm (EF): hello sir, good morning

Average Age
CF: 25
EF: 40

Dress code for guys
CF: Formal pant shirt on week days, smart casuals on Thrusdays and jeans and t shirt on Fridays
EF: formals formals formals – all week long and weekend long

Dress code for gals
CF: formal skirts, formal shirts, formal pants on weekdays, jeans with t shirts on weekends
EF: salwar kameez/saree all week and weekend long

Ordering food from outside
CF: everyday
EF: on special occasions like a project ending (which may be once in three years!)

Average tenure in the firm
CF: 2.254 years
EF: 45 years till retirement

Evening time
CF: spent chit chatting waiting for it to be 7 before you can go with your office gang to the latest hot outlet for a movie or dinner
EF: rush home as soon as its 5

CF: Hindi or English with a smattering of the latest slang words!
EF: local language if the other person understands it, or chaste hindi

Greeting a gal
CF: hey you, listen
EF: madam, do you please have a minute (which may be in hindi or the local language)

Birthday celebrations
CF: birthday bumps, decorations at the desk, cutting a cake and partying late
EF: distributing sweets usually peda to everyone while everyone else politely wishes you by either shaking your hand, or a namaste (depending on your gender)

CF: we need to jazz up this presentation a bit more
EF: we need to simplifly this drawing a bit more

More Discussions
CF: I was in office till about 1 am yesterday doing that ppt…uff its so so frustating (with a really unhappy face!)
EF: I was in office till 7 pm doing that drawing..uff its so so frustrating (with not a very unhappy face because I get paid overtime!)

Girl talk
CF: Oh my God, next week is Dusherra, I plan to wear a saree…may be I will borrow from my mom or my aunt..how do you drape it..I should download it from the net, hey or else I can come to office and then you girls can help me drape it..chalega na?
EF: Who cares, everyday is saree day and wearing it takes about 2.32 minutes!


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7 Responses to Differences in Working in an Engineering Firm and Consulting Firm

  1. shaktii says:

    ha ha ha, exactly the way it happens! nice write up, enjoyed reading!

  2. Seena says:

    Nice observations!!

  3. R's Mom says:

    @Shakti/ Seena: Thanks..any observations you girls have which I could add???

  4. shaktii says:

    Technical writer's RoleCF – Interesting one, also one of the important dept's of the organisation, finalizing stageEF – life sucks really, im one among them at the moment(a stopping job), soon switching to where i belong to.

  5. R's Mom says:

    @Shakti: hehehe! true…hope you get a switch soon 🙂

  6. so are u in a CF or EF??

  7. R's Mom says:

    @Shruti: I used to work for a CF..now I work for an EF as the only person in their Consulting division 🙂

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