Break Ke Baad

I went on a break….an actual break after about 10 months of joining the new company..or rather should I say that I felt I was on a break for the first time in about 10 years :):)
It was super….
BTW the break refers to the short visit of FOUR days which hubby, R and I took to go to Goa :):) It was fun…lemme tell you why it was different..firstly since we didnt know anyone here, I didnt have to go house visiting which I have to do otherwise if parents are in Baroda..secondly, we didnt over do the sight seeing..there were tons of stuff that we could have gone, but we didnt..we were smart and we rested…
So, since dad has got a job (yaa he is working yay to that!) in a campus in Goa, he has been wanting us to visit him there..well even if we didnt go, he wants his grand daughter there! so the trip was planned from 16th December to 19th december, which meant that R would miss her first ever sports day in school which was on the 16th..we got to know about it at the last moment and couldnt really get any tickets despite hubby trying tatkal and all! anyways after MIL, mom and hubby convinced me, I agreed that R could bunk that (ya ya I am a big ‘attend school for everything’ person!) I dont know what R would have felt..seriously, she didnt seem to care a damn!
anyways so Wednesday evening saw me RUSH back home, pack up the last moment stuff and then try and catch a train to churchgate since the train to Goa was from CST…now I think, I have become better than hubby in mumbai locals,,,I managed to convince him to go after a train on the 6th platform despite the indicator showing that there was only 1 minute left for the train to you can visualize a man running with Three HUGE pieces of luggage and a woman clutching one plastic bag and running behind him with a child in tow on her hip…we ran, got blocked by the crowd, squeezed our way through, up the stairs, again squeezed the way through, down the stairs and thankfully there was no DDLJ moment and as soon as I went on board the train, it started..(digressing, but its difficult running with a baby!) anyways so we reached CST before time..and to all travellers (and even non travellers)I recommend eating at ‘Pancham Puriwala’ This is a non descriptive joint bang opposite CST station and its small very old fashioned but the food you get there is AWESOME..try the masala puri (you do have a choice of bhaji with it) but the masala puri can be eaten as it is without anything to touch..

the train journey was pretty un eventful except the fact that we changed our seats twice, once so that a family of 8 could be together and second so that a 70 year old aunty could sleep in the lower berth..oh did I mention that the family in our cubicle was amazingly nice to R (who was
not in a very great mood owing the fact that the train was late and she didnt get her morning milk!) the lady with us was the mother of a guy in class 8 and looked as if she was his elder sister, and had hair till like her knee or something..and I actually blurted out to her saying ‘you are his mother, I thought you were his sister!!!’ she blushed so sweetly and so did her hubby hehehe :):) apart from the fact that the train was late…we reached Goa…and it was a great trip

Highlights of the Trip

– The campus where my parents stay…Its AWESOME..reminds me of the township we used to stay in baroda when we were kids…but much greener, quieter and much much more beautiful…
– My parents house…my mom is really utilising her time keeping the house neat and clean…guess now I know why she doesnt get bored inspite of leaving her job two years before retirement…she just cleans and scrubs and cooks I think..and she looks radiant :):)
– R’s bonding with my was really really much that the day we reached dad had some lunch in the campus which mom had to go with him and R cried until they took her and she didnt miss us one bit…!!!!
– R’s bonding with hubby…this trip really showed that all daughter’s are their father’s pet 🙂
– R’s friendliness came out with the 6 year old triplet guys at the back house..R just went off with them and their mother and CRIED like crazy when I tried to get her back home..and the whole point is R cant speak a word of english or malayalam and the triplets cant speak a word of hindi..yet they communicated and became super friends!
– R’s independence was seen once again when she spent about 1.5 hours alone with the 8 year old girl upstairs ‘T didi’ without even bothering asking for me or hubby..she also bonded so well with ‘I didi’, who is about 12 years that she, T didi and I didi wanted a sleepover together!!!
– R’s initial apprehension of going to the water in the beach, subsequent to which dad and hubby managed to wet her and she enjoyed herself totally!
– Mom’s cooking..which of course goes without saying 🙂
– Dad’s labs and college…its breathtakingly beautiful!
– Ran the fun run of 5 kms at Goa’s River Marathon which was amazingly well organized
– Pavs in Goa..they are 3 times the size you get in Mumbai and a 100 times tastier
– The townsquare at Vasco..its got this historical romantic feel to it..though you do get the latest stuff that you want!
– The rest and relaxation which we had..this time we didnt do too much sight seeing and managed to visit one place a day and spent rest of the day at home chit chatting and generally relaxing
– The cruise which we went to one was really nice with Goanese and Portuguese dances, young people dancing to the DJ’s music while the ship gently went across the waves
– the beautiful mountains, lovely chapels, superb beaches and friendly people all around

All in all, I think we had a super was great fun and it is something we should do once in three months at least 🙂
next holiday for Gudi padwa which falls on a monday in April…hmm the mind overworks planning holidays 😉


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