Me Time?

When I was a kid, I used to come to Mumbai once an year or once in two years, since my dad’s extended family is here and they are very close to each other…I have always been fascinated by the ladies here….We hardly used to go in the local trains, but whenever we went, the sights and sounds of the trains held a special magic to me…I used to go back to Brc and discuss with my friends about how ladies are always decked up in Mumbai, wearing flowers in their hair, constantly working on something in the train, whether its cleaning the coriander, methi leaves, or podding peas and tuver, or just skinning veggies..or knitting or fascinated me on how they knew to utilize every minute of their day in a positive manner..

Now, I am one of them..I am a typical mumbaikar wife who tries to balance, work and house and kid..

So what is my daily routine?

Get up at about 4.45 or 5 in the morning…make rotis and subji, and salad for both hubby and me..have my bath, light the lamp and make tea for both of us…drink the tea, while hubby gets up to go to office…pack our dabbas and say bye to hubby while going to wake up R..

get through R’s routine of brushing, and milk drinking and potty and bath and dressing…change my own clothes to office wear and then leave for school/office

Leave house by about 7.40 to drop R at the daycare, rush to Borivali station to catch the earliest train and reach andheri..fight, plead, beg, shout, scream, cry to the rick guys to take me to office…

finish work and go to the BEST bus stop to catch a bus back to andheri station…fight, snarl, pinch, push, shove into a bus and reach andheri station..get into the train by fight, snarl…(you get the drift right!)

again get into a BEST bus,and reach home by 7 to 7.15 in the evening

Rush to make dinner in the meantime, R wants me to ‘uthao’ her, give her something to eat to keep her occupied..listen to the maid’s advice on how I should keep the house clean, blah blah blah…in midst this, I also read books to R or make her do some colouring

and then once the maid is gone, have dinner by 8.30 to 8.45..clean the night vessels, prepare for the next day’s dabba, and then wipe the kitchen platform..

take R to bed, read some books for her and then all of us sleep off by 9.30 to 10 pm

As of now, I dont have any homework or assignment problems for R..once she starts big school, I will need to take out sometime for that also..

Even when I travel by train now, I wonder how some ladies make it a point to dress up really well for office with saree, matching bindi and bangles and earrings and necklace and lipstick and all that..honestly all through the day, I just dont have time for myself..there is no ME time for me..weekends, R is at home and we are busy cleaning the house and no ME time again
For a typical mumbai working woman, when is the ME time….after I retire????


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10 Responses to Me Time?

  1. 🙂 see if u can get some external help.. I got soo caught up in this routine it was impossible to have any ME time. I kept a cook and it made a huge difference. I understand that life in bangalore is def easier compared to mumbaikars. but there could be some way to make time.. There will be no Me time [ ever] if we don't make time 🙂

  2. Sandhya says:

    Aaw.. Hugs!! I can see that your days are really full! But its only up to you to make each experience enriching. Fo eg. I love the way you write about the train experiences, sights and sounds. How much ever frustrating certain incidents may be, dont you feel that they have really added mazza to your life. What exactly do you mean by ME time? Are you looking for more time to pursue your interests, pamper yourself etc?

  3. R's Mom says:

    @shruti: true, there will be no ME time ever, if we dont make time, thats what my mom also tells me :)@Sandhya: thanks for the hugs..and for saying that you like my writing 🙂 yaa ME time is just time to myself, to read what I like, rejoin a dance class and yaa pamper myself!

  4. Sandhya says:

    Agree with Shruti and your mom. You have to consider yourself as a priortiy and make time! Else it will never happen. At times, I find it difficult for me time even though I have full support from my mom at home. Remember – Just Do It!!

  5. Your days are full and worthwhile, dear. ME time rarely comes for working moms, but what we do is also building the nation…seriously, India's working women force has contributed significantly to the growth rate that India is progressing with today. Every working Indian woman is contributing to the society and this country. We have a lot to feel happy about at the end of the day, chin up!

  6. R's Mom says:

    @Sandhya: true…just do it! those are the key words here@Swapna: wow thats a lovely way of making me feel better…I am building the nation aint I? but guess its all about finding a balance because without ME time, I just end up all wound up and irritated…and thanks again, your comment really perked me up 😉

  7. Seena says:

    My schedule is also more or like how you mentioned, except I live is US, I also commute via train(may not be crowded like Mumbai but definitely a challenge especially during cold freezing days with no day light) and no external help. But now I do most of my cooking on Sunday and does rice/roti etc during weekdays, now I am much more relaxed. Earlier I was going crazy and was showing my frustration to HD and daughter, she is 18months now. HD gives bath to DD and does other cleaning stuff, life is better for all of us. Try to make time for yourself and relax coz you deserve it.

  8. R's Mom says:

    @Seena: eeps! cant imagine life without the bai..we are a pampered lot here in India :):) Kudos to you for managing ya 🙂

  9. MiM says:

    the commute seems to be the killer no?

  10. R's Mom says:

    @MiM: yes…you got that perfectly is a killer 😦

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