The Key

to all our problems on Sunday was ‘The Key’
so it was a typical sunday morning of getting and cleaning the house and the fridge (after 2 months!!!) and the bathrooms and the hair, .finish making lunch as well etc etc..
and we decided to go to D mart to finish off the grocery shopping

..I had a very bad cold and hence decided to go to the doc in the next to next building with R while hubby had an urgent phone call from office (yaya his office guys make it a point to call on all sundays, they love him so much!) he told me to go ahead with R and he would join us…I kept the house ‘keys’ on the table near the door and told him to pick it up..while coming down…

he doesnt appear at the doc for about 10 minutes while I am chit chatting with the doc as i have NO MONEY to pay the doc..doc tells me to pay later (he is such a sweetie!) and then hubby appears right in front of the doc and daughter saying ‘F*** up ho gaya’ and I am so shocked at his language that I dont say anything for a second!
R’s Dad: I left the house keys inside the house…
RD: and on top of the that the neighbours who have a set are NOT AT HOME!
RD:we have to call a chaviwala
RM: err…

the doc and daughter are smiling while I am wondering what to do..

RM: well the neighbours must have gone to church its sunday right, lets finish our shopping and go back
RD: okie

RM thinks on the way..what a day to forget the keys..R doesnt even have a diaper on, I dont have spare clothes for her, I dont even have water for her, etc etc

RD is cursing himself and all the vehicles around him!

so we do to DMart do our shopping and then come back while hubby is wishing that the neighbours are back..and guess what they are NOT back..

The other neighbours invite us home, tell us to spend some time with them..but we have another uncle of RD to killing two birds with one stone we tell the neighbours that we may as well visit them.By now my cold has peaked, my throat hurts, am worried about the lunch that I have cooked, etc etc

RD: lets eat lunch out where do you want to eat
RM:Snapping…whatever, I dont care, I am hungry
RD: okie dont get bugged, I am sorry about forgetting the keys
RM: hmmm
RD: lets eat at B hotel, you can eat pav bhaji with R there
RM: hmm
RD: dont get upset dear, I said I am sorry
RD: okie okie and putting the car on the highest gear

so we eat lunch and go to uncle’s place

I was so so tired, I just had my meds and went off to sleep…it was about 2.30 then…R first didnt sleep next to me, but eventually drifted off…We all slept till 5 and then RD called up the other neighbour to find out if the first neighbour was back. No they werent..
RD could see RM fuming and said forget it lets just call a chaviwala and break open the door
So we go back home and RD goes to get the chaviwala..after haggling with that guy, he comes home after about half an hour saying that the guy is charging 450 Rs…

I think, 450 Rs for BREAKING my lock boohoohoo!
but put up a brave face in front of RD and tell him abhi karna toh hai na..

RD doesnt say anything…

so this guy tries to break the lock, inserting about 10 different sticks into the door and all that..all the time answering calls as if he is the president of the united states and muttering to himself when he is not on a call

thankfully neighbour aunty opens the door and asks us if we want coffee which we gratefully agree to ..did I mention that they are south indians and have filter coffee that too huge mugfuls..yummmm!

anyways so, while the locksmith works on breaking into our house, R has fun time eating kaju and cookies and kismis and what not!

after about 10 minutes this guy opens both the locks (yes yes we have TWO doors!) and aunty passes a comment,’ see how easy it is for people to break open the door’..well true is..after all the money we spend on seems so easy to open the door :):)

anyways there ended the ‘key’ saga after about 8 which we had eaten out, spend quality time with our neighbours, slept for about 3 hours, visited our relatives and played with the kids downstairs….

the neighbours who have one set of our keys are not yet back!!!!


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