Such Days

are rare but really take a toll on my health…

Yesterday was a day when everything went wrong…

– Got up late and didnt make the stuff that I wanted to
– R was cranky and coughing and didnt want to go to school (whats new!)
– Didnt get a rick to go and drop R
– Boss discovered a major mistake in the analysis at the last moment and though it was not my fault I felt bad about it
– So bad that I stayed back at work and left late to reach home really late
– Had plans to meet up with an old office friend who had come from bangalore but thanks to the extra work, couldnt meet her 😦
– Midst all this, I managed to delete the photos of my trip to Ahmedabad from my phone and there is no back up to that (I am so so so technologically challenged that I dont even know what I did to manage to do it..hubby still cant believe in my capabilities of doing this)
– Had to walk all the way from office to station which is a good half an hour walk 😦
– The crowd in the train was horrid and the lady I was standing next to, kept cursing my bag and me and generally everything…Thankfully I didnt snap
– Hubby called when I was on the way home saying R was crying like crazy for me 😦
– Went home and had to hear from the maid that I made her wait for too long 😦 (Tried calling her earlier, but she didnt even pick up her phone)
– R was whiny for some strange reason and kept crying and crying God knows why 😦
– R wanted me to read the same ‘bubbles wala book’ three times..and I got too bugged at her and shouted at her to go to sleep!

Gosh such days better be rare!


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5 Responses to Such Days

  1. Sandhya says:

    Hugs!! And more hugs!

  2. shhhhhhh.. its ok. this too shall pass.. Hugssss.

  3. R's Mom says:

    @Sandhya/Shruti: thanks thanks..yaa this too shall pass 🙂

  4. Choxbox says:

    Hang in there babe.

  5. R's Mom says:

    @Chox: yep…still here and still doing the routine 🙂

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