This is the way to Move

I am a train person…I can go anywhere, anyhow, anyway by trains but ask me to take the road and I hate it…actually I HATE it

hubby is the road person..give him a chance and he will drive all the way to Calcutta…!!! but to my relief, he loves me enough not to force me into long drives..

I just cant stand the whole idea of sitting on a seat for hours together, cramping my legs, my back going for a toss, not being able to pee in a toilet and stuff…it just doesnt work for me..

A train as per me is an ideal travelling mode…dedicated tracks ensure that its faster than a road journey, there are no traffic jams, you can walk around, use the loo, lie down, enjoy the rhymthic movement as if its rocking you to sleep, sleep in peace, read in peace, eat whatever comes on the way with numerous options, buy cheap stuff and feel relaxed..get to meet other people, share life experiences, enjoy the company and if lucky their cuisine..its fun!

even in Mumbai, I prefer travelling by local trains compared to getting into a rick, cab or BEST bus…I dont mind the pushing, shoving, cat fights, etc etc as long as I can reach my destination in the minimum possible time….give me a choice I will travel even 1 station by train..

contrary is hubby who prefers the road even in mumbai..his logic is as long as I am in an AC car, with the radio playing nice songs I dont mind being stuck anywhere for 2 hours…

Me..well I dont want all that..I want to move…be on the move all the time

and I hate aeroplanes…I seriously hate them…I know they are the quickest mode of transport and time saving etc etc..

But imagine the nice rhythmic movement of the train, the slow stations trickling by, the amazing local food you can taste enroute…contrasting the cold clinical behavior at the airport, the horrible feeling of being crumpled from all sides when the flight takes off, the really sad food and sad faces of the hosts and hostess, the tension while the plane lands, the restrictions in seating, using the phone, using the laptop,using the loo, walking, the wait to collect baggage, etc etc….

So whats your favorite mode of transport??


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6 Responses to This is the way to Move

  1. Sandhya says:

    Yaayyy R's mom! I agree with you. I love to travel by train. The smells, noises etc are so lively. And I hate air travel and all those cold thinsg that come along with it. The airports, the crew, all…

  2. I don't like crowds.. makes me damn uncomfortable.. So no local trains.. no buses.. I hate it!

  3. Smita says:

    My Fav Mode of Transport… I hate Buses… have travelled by Bus (Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai) for 3 yrs… not sure can do it again… Train my son loves it but with him it is nightmare… since he wants to sleep on the uppper berth and then I spend the whole night sitting and worring that he will fall down…By Air… yes preferred mode for journeys more than 5 hrs by road..Car… I like Car… AC and Good Songs… make life better…

  4. R's Mom says:

    @Sandhya: Yaa..and the food that comes..yummm!@Shruti: how do you travel long distance babes? by air???@Smits: arey you sleep up with him na…it will be so much easier..and ya I know you like cars :):) bechara N's Dad has to drive all the time πŸ˜‰

  5. @R's Mom: I hate local trains.. don't mind the Ac compartment for long distances. No bus.. I hate hate buses! even volvos..

  6. R's Mom says:

    @Shruti: hahaha πŸ™‚ volvos are bad enough πŸ™‚

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