The Weekend It Was

So my eldest mama decided to turn 60 on Saturday at Ahmedabad and the family that we are, we all decided to go there

Wait, before that let me clarify, 3 weeks ago I called up mama and told him that I am NOT coming for the birthday thing mainly because it didnt make sense to travel with R for just a day and obviously with the vacations ending, there would be no reservations in the train..blah blah blah..mama being mama being mama was the best and told me not to bother


Enter cousin S from Calcutta who had come with her hubby for an office outing to Lonavala…she used pure unadulterated emotional blackmail on hubby who was so enthused that he went ahead and we booked tickets for going to Ahm…only that the tickets were of a BUS..can you believe this…I am expected to travel with R in the bus…B-U-S which started from mumbai at about 10 in the nite and reached Ahm at about 8 in the morning…

Love I tell you comes in all forms and shapes!!!!!

anyways so we boarded the bus on Friday had come down here from Goa while mom had already reached Ahm with her mom 🙂

so dad, me, hubby and R boarded the bus, and R went off to sleep on my shoulder and I was shivering all through the journey..couldnt sleep a wink and it was the most tiresome journey I think I had in ages..of course Love conquers all and love for mama and the excitment of meeting with cousins made me bear and grin all this..hubby of course discreetly warned me NOT to open my mouth and complain as soon as we reached there..that had NOTHING to do with my grinning and bearing…okie?

so we reached Ahm at about 9 in the morning and it was a gala meet between the cousins and mamas and mamis and kiddos and stuff

The Great part of the Visit
-R’s bonding with N Anna and N baby so much so that she fought with my aunt about her N Anna is hers and no one else’s
-the party on saturday evening saw my mama and mami exchange garlands much to their reluctance and when mami was going to put the garland on mama, my mom pulled him back, exactly like how its done in south indian weddings..we all screamed in happiness and joined the fun…it was endearing to see that my other two mamas went to support my eldest mami (even though she is their bhabhi) while my mami’s sisters and sis in laws supported mama..thats how love flows in our family
-the thoughtfullness of sabse chotu mama to buy 61 candles, 61 ballons, 61 sandesh *drooling* and set the whole party in motion
The Surprise of the visit
-My bonding with S cousin who is about 5 years younger to me, but we bonded better than ever
-The bonding of hubby with my mamas over drinks (alcohol makes better friends???)
-The lovely glasstop stove my bro and bhabhi gifted mama mami 🙂
The not expected part of the visit
-My hair getting straightened by S cousin because my mom wanted a live demo on how hair gets straightened…this aunty and niece jodi I tell you, all bent of making me a guniea pig
*Though I admit that it did look good on me!*
The bad part of the visit
-no shopping, null, void, nada, zilch…all shops in Ahm were closed on sunday morning 😦
The best phrase of the visit
N Anna – Arey how many Thathas do I have? *thatha=grand dad*
The fondest memory revived in the visit
Cousin K making R, N Anna and N baby sit around her and giving them curd rice the same way our mamis used to give us when we were kids
The best comeback of the visit
My bro and bhabhi coming back all the way to Ahm station to pick us up…read carefully coming back!!!
The most expensive part of the visit
Urgent flight tickets from Ahm to Mumbai which costed me my three months salary since our train got delayed indefinitely (thats where the coming back by bro and bhabhi comes..they left us at the station, we got the news about the train and they had to come back all the way to pick us up!)
The craziest part of the visit
The CISF guy not letting R get into the airport with me since we didnt have any ID proof for her and he wasnt convinced that we hadnt kidnapped her!
The sweet moments of the visit
-Mom wearing the saree mama gave her even without a match blouse since it was kartikey
-Mom and dad distributing kajus to everyone and anyone (whats with them!)
The nice part of the visit
my bhabhi’s parents bringing what I needed all the way from Kerala
The Aww part of the visit
Baby A all of five months and trying hard to stand up with R’s encouragement in tow
The Trip itself
Awesome. Amazing. Needed. Fun. Super. Should be repeated!


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6 Responses to The Weekend It Was

  1. R's Mom says:

    @shruti: oh yes it was 🙂

  2. Smita says:

    Hey a Fun weekend… I agree with part of bonding over the alcohol… A Sceret…. My husband bonds better with my cousins and uncles than with his own because of you know what

  3. R's Mom says:

    @smits: yes it was…and does he hahaha 🙂

  4. Smita says:

    Forgot one thing earlier… some snaps with straight hair pls…

  5. R's Mom says:

    @Smits: dont want to see it honestly…you will stop loving me!

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