R Antics

So R is getting witty now a days

Sample this

MIL and me are sitting with R on the backseat while FIL is sitting next to hubby driving the car..R is trying to pull her grandfather and father’s hair and hubby brakes making R fall…amma, appa ne mereko giraya
nahi rey..appa ne brake mara, thats why you fell..appa nahi girate R ko…you sit at one place na
after 10 seconds of sitting at one place, she goes back to her activity of hair pulling…hubby applies the brake and she again falls down..amma she cries..appa ne brake mara she accuses!

or sample this

MIL is very very religious and hubby usually makes it a point to take her to the various temples in our area..so on friday we went because it was diwali and on saturday we had to go again because mil goes to the temple every saturday..and instead of one, hubby drove us to three…at the end of the third temple, my religious feelings have dimished and God slowly is seeming to look like Food to my hungry stomach..and

R says…amma kidhar jayenge abhi…
Me: ghar (very firmly)
R: nahi ma, one more temple jayenge na, jay bhagwan karne
There the MIL’s triumphant smile!

or sample this

R had her bi monthly hair cut, and the usual screaming shouting squirming, ensuring that while hubby and me hold her, the barber(s) cut her hair….dad is getting his shave after this, and R says, amma appa kya kar rahe hain
Me: appa is getting a shave done
R:amma, yeh mera chair hai (pointing towards the barber’s chair where she had her session)
Me: hmmm
R: amma, mein good girl hai na, mein to royi bhi nahi jab mera hair cut hua

or this

Amma maine homework kar nahi hoon, mereko disturb mat karo!

or this

Amma, draw circle here (pointing towards the paper and giving me a pencil in hand)
I do the needful and that brat looks at me and says ‘Very good amma, very good work’

or this

Amma, mereko rice khana hai…I ignore her upteenth request for food…she again tries ‘amma, mereko khana hai’
I do the ignore act again
Amma, I want rice, please, she smiles angelically and I have no option but to melt…

this girl, I repeat, is definitely the fakest one ever!


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2 Responses to R Antics

  1. Shankari says:

    LOL! Little ones sure have us twisted round their fingers 🙂 Loved the bit on temple visiting!

  2. R's Mom says:

    @Shankari: yaa total twisted!

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