The Weekend It Was

It was a really really really hectic weekend…Everything went off a blur…

Highlights are

– R’s results of the evaluation came on saturday morning…her teachers are very happy with her performance and except for drawing circles (in which she got an A) she had got A + in everything including recitation of poems, recognizing objects and colours etc etc
– Hubby and I spent the morning cleaning the house, scrubbing everything clean and making it Diwalish..we were so tired
-Went out for lunch and decided on shopping but had a fight between each other, and came back home without buying anything!!!
-made up and picked up R, and decided to go shopping after the maid came and cleant the house
– Went on a shopping spree in Dmart and purchased everything from milk to poha to sugar to curtains to ‘girlish*’ clothes for R
*R’s daycare teachers have told us to get frocks and skirts for R instead of pants and shirts because they want her to look like a girl now!!!!
– picked up cousin and hubby from airport who flew in from Calcutta enroute to Lonavala…ended up talking and chatting till 3 in the morning!!!
-Got up on sunday morning and dropped them off to their office while got back home
-Sunday afternoon was spent cleaning rest of the house and then rushed to go to Dadar to pick up in laws (note loads of yipeeeeeee here!!!)
-Train was late and we shopped at Dadar east just out of a t shirt and skirt for R!
-picked up in laws, missed three trains back, got into a train which turned out to be andheri off at Parle and changed trains again..and finally reached Kandivali..basically good adventure for the old relatives to board the train locals…highlight of the journey: MIL admiring her DIL’s abilities of doing this EVERYDAY!
-spent a quiet evening doing nothing

Goodies from Calcutta
-Special potato chips from Rao’s
-Mudi (aka Mamara in Gujarati)
-Corriander chutney
-Tomato chutney
-Books for R from her Athai
-Beautiful kurta for me from R’s Athai
-Shirt for hubby

and of course tons of love and a promise of 15 days of pampering for me and R from in laws :):)


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2 Responses to The Weekend It Was

  1. Smita says:

    Hi… Good to hear that MIL is back and you have picked up some girly stuff for R… I do miss shopping for Girls and make it uo by shopping for nieces…Enjoy DiwaliSmita

  2. R's Mom says:

    @smits: thanks a ton yaa..MIL is here matlab total rest and relaxation….you want to do shopping for girls..please come with me..I get so confused with the stuff you get for girls :):) happy diwali to you too

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