How do you explain to a two year old

On seeing the ad of a condom on the bus going adjacent to us when we were in a rick

R – pointing towards the bus – Amma, uncle aunty ko kyon maar raha hai (Amma, why is uncle hitting aunty)
Me: where where (seeing around frantically for the source of domestic violence on the bus)
R – woh bus mein (on the bus)
Me – realizing that she is seeing the condom ad you can see a guy on top of the girl
R – kyon amma (why amma) (Persistent brat!)
Me – err, maar nahi raha, umma de raha hai (not hitting, kissing)
R – oh (as if she understood)
Me – look at that cow!

R sitting on the potty in the morning

Me: R jaldi jaldi karo we have to leave in sometime for school
R: ma gana gao (sing a song)
Me: not really in the singing mood, so say ‘R you know what S mami got a baby girl chotu baby yesterday
R: chotu baby hai, S mami ko
me: yaa you remember S mami, we met her in calcutta and then you sang bday song for her, V mama’s wife
R: haan, mein S mami ko bday song gaya
Me: yes, she got a chotu baby yesterday
R: mereko bhi chotu baby chaheye
Me: err, which song do you want to hear!!!


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7 Responses to How do you explain to a two year old

  1. Jay says:

    R's mom, I don't know what my cheeky one is going to put me through!

  2. scribblermom says:

    Hilarious… she's jst too cute 🙂

  3. Mama - Mia says:

    hahahahaha!you should stop when you are ahead! ;)cheers!

  4. R's Mom says:

    @Jay: just pray to God you dont come across an ad like that :)@Scribbermom: cute is it? pest is the right word!@Abha: i know I should have stopped at that song instead of starting off with babies 🙂

  5. @R's mom: Hehe. Muah to lil R.

  6. starry eyed says:

    LOL!!! All these questions so soon!

  7. R's Mom says:

    @Shruti: Yaa thanks..will pass on the muah!@Starry: yaa can you imagine mera kya hoga once she becomes a teen!!!!

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