Hair Tales

Hairy Post: Read at your risk

I love long hair…really nice long silky straight hair which they show on those ads in TV where the hair sheens in the light and looks so beautiful…unfortunately I inherit my dad’s side’s hair (Dad are you listening, I said unfortunately!) which means that my hair is frizzy, short, deciding whether it wants to curl or be straight, rough throughout and very very dandruff prone 😦

I must confess that when I was pregs with R, I used to pray to God everyday that if I have a girl, her hair should be like hubby’s honestly..imagine people pray for smart kids, beautiful kids, good kids, but I prayed for nice hair!!! and thankfully my prayers were answered and R’s hair is like her dad’s not very thick, but smooth to touch silky to feel and nice to handle…(what we do with the hair when we have a bath is another post in itself)

well the purpose of this post is something else, I digressed..

The hair of women in train….I wonder if women in the train realise how much of a nuisance their hair can be if left open…90% of the ladies in the train leave their hair open when they get in..and trust me its so so bugging when someone’s hair sticks to your arm because of the sweat or gets into your nose and eyes or just tickles you big time…you cant say much because if you open your mouth, you may need to take in a mouthful of (h)air…

I find it difficult to understand that women just dont understand this…hair kept open can be dangerous as well…

the other day one lady’s hair got stuck to the door handle…and she literally pulled it out breaking a chunkful because there were 100 ladies behind her pushing her into the compartment….and on more than one occasion I have seen ladies’s hair getting stuck in someone’s hand onto the pole while getting its like pole to hold the hand, on top of there is lady A’s hair and clutching the pole + hair is lady B’s hand..can believe it…it must be so so painful to get your hair pulled like that…all it needs is a clip or a rubber band to tie it up

imagine yourself in a situation when you are crushed from all sides, and someone’s hair tickles your nose…you cant even move your hands to remove that hair..and you try conturing your face in all possible ways to relieve yourself of the feeling and trust me it one of the most bugging things I endure in my 25 minute journey..

and then you have these specimen who have really really thick beautiful curly hair which bunch around their head like a crown but they would not tie it up while getting into the train…and then their hair seems to occupy the place of one person in the train…I kid not…it really happens…

then there are certain characters who act as if their hair is precious property and dare you ask them to please put it in the front or tie it up…they start giving you bad words…arey baba if you are so worried about your hair then TIE it up na…why do you leave it open in a crowded train and then grumble if it gets stuck between two people…

then there are certain folks who tie their hair up but in such a way that part of it flows down and is in the right position so that the ends tickle your nose when you stand behind them…:(

all in all, a its a scary hairy experience when you travel by Mumbai locals in the ladies compartment…please ladies do me a favor and just tie up your hair tight in the train…you avoid accidents, you avoid inconvenience to other people and best of all, your hair is intact when you get down!


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5 Responses to Hair Tales

  1. Ratzzz says:

    Ouch!!! thats one sca(hai)ry scene… i have a shoulder length hair which cant be pulled into a bun no matter wat i try.. so i know the predicament… i wear a bandana when i board a crowded bus or train…sigh 😦

  2. R's Mom says:

    @Ratz: no you are right…I never thought of people who actually have a problem (well not exactly!) of smoothly silky hair :):) but see you are such a sweetheart, you care and at least tie a bandana…but the ladies I encounter everyday have LONG curly hair and leave it open…actually when I re-read this post, its quite gross na 🙂

  3. Haha…a whole post on 🙂 I used to get very pissed by women not using Deo, hate Body odour! This sounds like a new problem, or maybe an old one that I wasn't aware of.

  4. R's Mom says:

    @Priyanka: hahaha body odour ki toh baat mat karo toh aacha hai !

  5. Rajani Ram says:

    hahaha….. OMG!! I love the way u write… soo funny…..

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