School Saga Part 2

So, as the school gets decided and we have paid the fees (ya we are such desperate cases) we are getting both positive and negative feedback about the school…positive feedback which included the fact that it was an ICSE school, great extra curricular activities, good teachers, etc
one friend told me that it was not a great school some years ago but the management changed and so did the principal and now its a great school

negative feedback included on its dominantly gujju (what do you expect in a school named after a gujju sect, its obvious its a gujju school), how your child will not learn english but only gujarati (all the more better, you NEED to know gujju to survive in mumbai), how they claim to have extra curicular activities but actually there are none (not with that huge ground I saw in front of the school, wouldnt believe it, also saw kiddos dancing in the school)

one of my other friends gave me this logic, he told me ‘see R’s mom, at the end of the day you must realise that you live in a gujju dominated area in Mumbai, which ever school you put, however hi-fi, be assured that at least 70 percent population will be gujju, so whats the big deal’

so here is my logic of just going ahead with this school..

1) hubby told me that 100 people will give you 200 opinions about every school – are you going to take all of them into consideration, then obviously you wont select ONE school for her, because you dont have a criteria of cut off (who asked me to marry an MBA, or should I say advantages of marrying an MBA :)) every person has his/her own perspective of schooling..and some schools match those and some dont, that doesnt mean you try going to 100 schools, we have got admission in one, lets just stick to that
2) of course the logic that my friend gave regarding the gujjuness of the school..and honestly I dont care about this one because I would rather have R be a gujju, I think they are a great community, I so love them 🙂
3) there is another school at Dahisar which EVERYone seems to recommend to us, but unfortunately we live too far away and may end up NOT getting admission there because of the distance problem..also the school is known to prefer giving admission to kids near their vicinity which makes sense also…another thing is that its SSC board..which doesnt meet hubby’s criteria
4) the school we have selected is near home, not very far from daycare, has buses to daycare and home so thats definitely score up for us
5) I liked the nice grey school uniform with the tie (yaa yaa I am a sucker for smart uniforms!)
6) my mom gave me about half an hour gyan on the phone and the key takeaways from the gyan session include (oh my God, I am so in the consulting lingo)
-its better to put your child in a middle class school with good values
-you cant judge a school without actually experiencing it
-you always have a choice of other schools even if limited next year incase you are not happy
-you must realise that at the end of the day a child who wants to study will study anywhere whether its an high end IB school or a municipal school
-your father is from a municipal school and I am from a school which the poor of calcutta would send their kids, we havent done bad in life have we? (no mom you guys are the best!)
-while the school does have a role in the development of your child, which is why you should choose a decent school, its the parents who actually mold and shape the child, you need to spend quality time with the child, if you dont do that, however expensive the school is, your child is not going to go anywhere in life
7) while some of R’s day care teachers were not very pleased with the choice of schools, most of them told me that its really okie, its not a bad school at all

so all in all, after the gyan sessions with ma, fight sessions with hubby who resolutely stood behind my mom’s words, and think session with dad who was really cool about this school and calming sessions with MIL who said its good its done and everything happens for the good, I am convinced that I am not going to try anywhere else…let R be a part of this school and do wonders 🙂

Uff! parenting is a tough, I tell you!


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6 Responses to School Saga Part 2

  1. scribblermom says:

    Even i selected my girl's school on the same gyan you wrote about and trust me, we are happy with it… Congrats on the big milestone… You, R and RD will do just fine 🙂

  2. R's Mom says:

    @Scribblermom: thanks a ton…these words really make me feel better 🙂

  3. I loved this advise the best: 'its the parents who actually mold and shape the child, you need to spend quality time with the child, if you dont do that, however expensive the school is, your child is not going to go anywhere in life'. So TRUE!Congrats! You are finally done with this HUGE decision 🙂

  4. R's Mom says:

    @Priyanka:Thanks 🙂

  5. Mama - Mia says:

    awesome! congrats! even we are done with it! its slightly more expensive, but most schools here seem to be! bah!but is done. cheers!

  6. R's Mom says:

    @Abha: yaa congrats to you…waise all schools now a days are expensive rey…so its really okie as long as the school meets your criteria 🙂

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