I think yesterday brought out the worst of R….she threw such a tantrum, something I thought she was incapable of…starting at bout 9.40 in the night it lasted it about 10.10…half an hour of full blown crying, spitting, lying on the ground crying and even beating me upto a certain extent…I was shocked to see this behaviour…hubby tried his best to contain her but he was not successful…I initially shouted but hubby calmed me down while I was almost in tears myself – a combination of guilt, frustration, tiredness and feeling in capable to do anything…

She kept screaming and crying and screaming and crying..and Finally, I shouted…shouted big time, threatened to make her stand in one corner near her bicycle (which by the way has become part of furniture!) and told her very very loudly that I wont even think of letting her cry…one more sound from her and she gets a major spanking…I dont know whether she stopped because I shouted or because she was just exhausted…..she whimpered for a while, put her head on my lap and just lay there…it was so so heart breaking to see her so exhausted…:(

the reason for the tantrum: I brought her upstairs back home at 9.40 or so…our building has a small garba set up where about 10 ladies and about 10 kiddos dance…the kiddos do more of running around the building in the night while the ladies run around the chair dancing….it started day before yesterday..and since it was sunday I let her stay…day before yesterday hubby was down too and between both of us we managed to get her up by 9.45…there was a small crying session but we managed to distract her and put her to sleep..

yesterday, I realised that I was hardly dancing but running behind her as she ran behind the older children who were going round and round the building…I am a firm believer that till the age of 5 or 6 its not advisable to leave your kiddo alone with other kids (despite some ladies in my building doing that) mainly because the other kids are anyways kids themselves and they cant be held responsible of anything happens to your child…so in all this running around, I hardly did any garba..

and frankly I think the garba done in Mumbai SUCKS..its sucks big time…I dont know if I should be even putting it on a blog, but its so ‘ungarba’…if I tell you out of the 1 hour of dancing, 59 minutes are spent in deciding the steps…and the steps resemble more of prancing and jumping than dancing..and even before you learn the first step, people are on the fourth change and you dont know where to go and what to do…its good to change steps..but at least complete ONE round before you do that….honestly for someone who has been doing garba for years in Brc, I think mumbai garbas are an insult 😦 (Thank God my blog is not at all popular and except for my mom, hubby and few friends, no one else reads it, otherwise, I would have been given for a supari now!)

Despite all this, I am ready to go down everyday, but these guys say they will start at 7.30, end up starting at 9 and continue till 11…something which I cant afford on week days…if R doesnt get her 10 hours of sleep in the night, she is super cranky in the morning and that means I get late to work if she doesnt do stuff on time in the morning…I know I should like a bloody military commander, but I have to do it…

so yesterday when I told her to come up, she started screaming her head off…I stayed back for a while, but then I had to take her up because it was over 9.40..and then we were yet to wash and go to sleep..which meant she would go to sleep only by 10.15..which is LATE…at least by her standards…while hubby believes I am over reacting to keeping her schedule, trust me, he is not the one who does all the morning stuff with her..poor guy rushes off the office at 6.30…which leaves me to wake her up, get her to brush, drink milk, go to potty, have a bath..blah blah blah and I DONT want the schedule changed..

anyways so when I told her to come up and she was screaming, I had ladies in the building who told me to let her be and whats the big deal..I told them that I have office tomorrow and R had school and that I need to get up at 4.45 which means I need to put her and myself to bed, they were laughing..they told me its okie..blah blah blah..well its not okie to me…I am someone who needs my 6 to 8 hours of sleep, or else I cant function…most of these ladies are housewives, whose children have afternoon school or kids of R’s age, they get up only by 11 in the morning…which I cant afford to..I have to follow a schedule and if it gets disturbed, they are not coming to take care of R, are they?

so I picked up a kicking and screaming R, getting bad looks and laughs from the other ladies, and went up..and what further what..well go to the start of the post…I wrote the end first I guess 🙂

P.S. she slept off immediately, and got up a bit cranky but manageable…I wonder how I am going to handle the next 5 days..should I not go down at all? but that means leaving R out of all the fun, which is wrong..I am so confused!! any advice???


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2 Responses to Tantrums!

  1. Average Jane says:

    R's mom: Don't be too hard on yourself. Things happen. Yeah, we usually avoid outings that are too disruptive to the routine. At the same time we are not extremely strict about routine as well, but I guess the rule is whatever we do should be convenient to all of us.

  2. R's Mom says:

    @AJ: yaa you are right..its just to find the right balance..after all this story, yesterday there wasnt any garba at all and R was so so disappointed :)Hope your health is doing fine

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