The Green Wave

The whole of Mumbai was green today morning…not because there was a sudden downpour, because its the first day of navratri and the maharashtrians wear nine different colours on the nine days..and today was green day

it was amazing at Borivali station when I went in to catch the train…the whole ladies compartment from aunties to youngsters, to college girls to grandmoms everyone was in green…the shades were so vibrant and variant..from freshly sprung grass green, to new new palak green, from green chilly green to parrot green, from light dew dropped green to dark tree green, from mountain covered deep green to valley covered light green, from freshly mowed grass green to deep sea aqua green, from freshly groundly mehendi green to wine bottle dark green…for the first time, I have seen so many greens in my life..and trust me there would have been at least 200 ladies in that compartment and where ever my eye could reach..not one had the same green on..

BTW whoever is are the colours

08.10.2010 Friday Green
09.10.2010 Saturday Grey
10.10.2010 Sunday Pink
11.10.2010 Monday White
12.10.2010 Tuesday Red
13.10.2010 Wednesday Blue
14.10.2010 Thursday Yellow
15.10.2010 Friday Purple
16.10.2010 Saturday Peacock green


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