Amma, Aap Jao

My baby has grown up…

I have started dropping her to the daycare again…we usually go to a nearby temple and then EAT THE PRASAD and then usually wait for about 5 minutes or so for one of her daycare teachers to come and I leave….earlier about 1.5 years ago, she would cry and cling to me and her teacher needed to pull her away, console R and then of course console me as well..etc etc…

Now a days she just says ‘bye amma’ and skips in to ride on one of the play horses they have or sit on the bench near her playgroup class and swing her legs, there is the caretaker of the daycare who is a good friend of R and both he and R always play together as he opens up all the classes and puts things in place…I wait for the teacher, and as soon as she comes, I say bye and she waves from there…

today her teacher was late and I think she sensed me to get restless as I would miss my usual train (which, just for the records, I DID) and she came to me on her playhorse and told me, ‘Amma, Aap jao’ maine wait karti hoon teacher ke liye”
Gosh! I did feel a jerk in my heart, she has grown up and she doesnt need me all the time…which by the way is a good thing, but then somehow, it felt weird as well
Of course, I had to wait till a teacher came, since A bhaiya (caretaker) couldnt have handled her alone..


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2 Responses to Amma, Aap Jao

  1. Swaram says:

    Oh my! Look @ the pace @ which these li'l ones grow up.

  2. R's Mom says:

    @Swaram: yaa isnt it 😦

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