The ‘Kyun’ Syndrome

Had this girl not been sick with that bacterial allergy, I would have whacked her big time…and I am serious!!
Or should I say that its three days since we sent R to the daycare and its SHOWING on her behaviour
Or should I just say that R is irritating…

For the past 3 to 4 days, she has bugged me with her ‘kyun’ questions…

Sample this conversation

She eavsdrops (okie make it overhears) the conversation my mom is having with my bhabhi who has hurt herself after a minor accident in ahmedabad

R: Amma, Mami ko kya hua?
R’s Mom (RM): she fell from the scooty
R: Kyun
RM: some car hit her
R: Kyun
RM: Because the car was not seeing where it was going
R: Kyun car was not seeing
RM: I dont know baby
R: Amma, mami ko kya hua

or sample this one
At 2 in the afternoon, when the world sleeps, R is wide awake
Shouting into my ear
R: Ammmmmmaaaaaaaaa
RM: (getting up from a groggy half sleep) What what what
R: Amma, so gayi
RM: yes
R:Kyun so gayi
RM: Because amma is tired
R:Kyun tired
RM: Because amma did lot of work
R: Kyun did lot of work
RM:To keep the house clean
R: Kyun house clean karna hai
RM: So that there are no insects to bite you
R: Kyun insects bite
RM: Because you should not fall sick
R: Kyun main fall sick nahi
RM: because you have to go to school tomorrow
R:Kyun school
RM: becuase amma appa have to go to office tomorrow
R: Kyun office jate ho
RM: Paisa kamane ko
R: Kyun paisa chaheye
RM: to eat mum-mum
R: kyun mum-mum khana hai
RM: so that you become strong and go to school
R: kyun school jana hai… you do get the drift of the conversation right…

Dont even ask me how it ended because I was dead asleep with her continuing the dialogue (mono-logue) with herself…
Why did I even bother to answer????


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3 Responses to The ‘Kyun’ Syndrome

  1. Nitya says:

    We went through that phase too! Hopefully she will outgrow it before you land up pulling all your hair out!!! 🙂

  2. Uma says:

    LOL! Kyun she asks so many questions?

  3. R's Mom says:

    @Nitya: as such there is hardly any hair left…if this girl continues..swear I will need to order a wig soon@Uma: nahinnnnnnnn!!! not another Kyun

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