The Weekend, The Wedding and The Woes

Warning: Long post ahead

The Weekend

Ok…so lets start with the weekend…that started on FRIDAY..thanks to Eid….met up with the old office friends for a lovely pizza at pizza hut…

Few observations..
-It feels WONDERFUL to be remembered by one and all in the office and everyone comes out of their seats to meet up
-You are still scared of some people out that
-You can always notice the start of a small romance on the way
-You can check out the new guys around the office and realise that you had the best company back then 🙂
-Happiness is DEFINITELY meeting up with old friends 🙂
-Your boss will always be your boss even if its more than six months since you have left your company, you never lose your respect for a great boss
-you call your ex boss the best boss on earth, and the new recruits under him agree to you…that means he is DEFINITELY the best boss on earth 🙂
-you realise you do miss the people in the old company, even if not the company itself
-you promise yourself that you should make such visits more often 🙂
-it always feels great when people call you ‘hot’ (hehehe!), ‘dressed to kill’ etc etc

The Wedding

The wedding threw up a few knowns, a few unknowns, a few surprises and a few not so surprises Observations
-Iyer weddings never change, you are still judged by the thickness of the zaris in your sarees and the number of gold chains you have around your neck
-People still mistake your daughter for a son if you dont dress her up in pavadai blouse
-You can get away with a jeans and kurta (AJ,see what you said was true) PROVIDED there are others in the mehendi cum DJ party wearing short dresses and sleeveless t shirts..of course the difference between them and you is – you are married and they are not..but who cares
-You have cousins who sigh in relief that you at least are wearing a salwar kameez though without a duputta and not dressed in your trademark jeans and kurta or t shirt on the wedding day
-You realise that India is definitely molding into one when you see the younger generation of iyers dancing to ‘munni badnam hui’ in front of their parents and their parents clapping to it
-Iyer mamis will never change, there is always talk of there being a better payasam, better necklace, son being abroad and how their son’s wedding had so much more on the menu!
-you are complimented by not one but three people who say that you have lost oodles of weight but then you realise the truth when a handsome boy from the boy’s side calls you aunty!!!!
-you can get away without wearing a saree in an iyer wedding only if you have two excuses – excuse 1. a restless child who makes it the agenda to make her mom run behind her for at least 10 kms within the hall of 0.5 kms TWENTY times…excuse two – ditto as reason one
-your child cries when you sing…I kid not guys..she actually starts crying no rather bawling at the top of her voice when I sang It was soooooooo embrassing..and she stopped when I stopped singing..what does that tell you about my singing skills!!!!
-on the other hand, it feels great when people in the family get angry at you for NOT preparing a dance for the DJ nite..but honestly I really felt inadequate to dance with guys who dance like professionals!!!
-you realise that your kiddo really loves to dance, because she danced around the main dancers for more than an hour..well if you call going round and round and clapping as dancing..thats what she did 🙂
-you realise that inspite the DJ nite, tamil weddings are definitely BORING after a cousin of mine has been instructed to marry a malayali who have cute short 10 min weddings
-you realise its great fun to meet up with cousins and sit around as a family and listen to people pull your leg, sing (so what if my daughter cried when I sang!) and tease everyone in general
-you realise that your mom was right when she asked you to wear a saree since all your married cousins are wearing one
-its great to see your child bond with your cousin’s child who is six months elder to her, and they get the house down totally
-its also great to realise that within a span of six months, there is a lot more maturity in kids…that means in six months time R is going to easier to handle (wishful thinking is what hubby has to say to that!, V (cousin’s kiddo) is basically a quiet and good child!)
-its nice to know that R wants to meet her mamas, perimas, chittis and all the next day as well
-its nice to see people offer their food to R when they see her opening her mouth and pointing to her mouth with her pointer finger (remember nibbles in tom and jerry)
-people may shout, but its embarrasing to see your daughter eat FOUR courses of meal for the lunch!!!! between 11.30 to 1.30 she managed to find four different people to feed her proper lunch!!!
-banana leaf eating…I can never master rasam runs, papadam flies, curd flows and the sweet gets washed away!!!! BUT to my shock, R eats from the banana leaf like a professional south indian, with the right amount of sambhar mixing, licking the curd rice laced fingers and pressing her palm on the rice and mixing it properly…girl your dad is sure a proud fella!

Now for the Woes

– R has developed some sort of an infection on the knee which was actually a bruise which has gone really bad…(dont ask me how she got that!). the infection has now spead below her lip, her chin, her ankle and her hand…the doc says there is nothing to worry and its a bacterial infection..unfortunately her homeopathy doc is not in the clinic..the allopathy doc told me the wait until tomorrow evening, otherwise he will have to start antibiotics…

hope she recovers fast 😦


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5 Responses to The Weekend, The Wedding and The Woes

  1. Its common among kids. Start antibiotics if u have to :)Apply aloe vera cream / lacto calamine (do ask doc if its ok first) if itchiness prevails.

  2. Seena says:

    Hope R recovers fast..Loved reading ur post..And you mentioned abt Malayalee wedding, Its really true, It was my cousin sister's wedding and we were along with her to make her ready for the wedding. After she left the room we quickly got into our saries and some minimal make up. By the time we reached the stage the wedding was over and the couples were doing photo shoot. It was so embarrassing that we were in wedding hall and missed the wedding.We got scoldings from parents but what can we do…Its not even 10 me…

  3. Lakshmi says:

    I hope R gets rid of her infection fast, the poor thing.

  4. R's Mom says:

    @Shruti: yaa I am putting a homeopathy cream…will wait for the doc till today evening..otherwise will start off with the antibiotics…thanks for letting me know it does happen to kiddos…feeling so much better after that :)@Seena: Yaa i hope R gets well soon too..and Lol on the marriage scene…next cousin of mine definitely hooking up with a malayali hehehe :)@Lakshmi: Thanks ya

  5. Aloe vera says:

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