I never realised…

…that I was SO dependent on my cell phone…

trust me for a technical zilch like me…its so surprising…ask my hubby he will tell you…my knowledge on electronic equipments is zero, nada, nothing…

and that had got me a swellhead, I think, because I was proud of not being dependent on any electronic gadget…

but to think now……I miss not having a cellphone. I have been without one for TWO days..and I feel I have lost a limb or something…thats so pissing off!

I dont have an alarm now and have to rely on hubby’s I Phone that makes the sound of a small baby’s soft snores for the alarm..how do you expect me to GET UP without my loud ‘venkata suprabhatam’

I cant check the time R goes to su-su in the night (why I do it..well thats a question in itself…I DONT KNOW)…

I cant figure out the time once I leave home since I dont have a clock you see when I leave home and I dont wear a watch

I cant listen to songs on FM

I cant sms hubby of my latest hatred feelings towards mumbai’s public transport and I cant ask my sister for the lyrics of a particular song…

I cant rattle off any body’s number to anybody calling me and asking for that

Oh by the way…I cant make calls (After all this I realised that the main purpose of my cellphone is to make calls!)

I miss my cell phone and trust me I hate my dependence on it…I am surprised I have survived three days without it now!!!


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2 Responses to I never realised…

  1. Mama - Mia says:

    totally relate to this post! and i dont have my numbers saved anywhere else. phone gone, numbers gone! :(miss good old diary!

  2. R's Mom says:

    @Abha: even I have lost all my numbers and its crazy trust me….though I havent yet learnt my lesson…still havent started the diary 🙂

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