For People Suffering from Monday Blues

Here read this and definitely feel better…am sure it cant get worse (thats getting to be my fav one liner now!)

Today morning, I felt so bloody helpless with the rains lashing, completely wet..a horrid viral infection carry over…completely drenched standing on the other side door of the train…pleading ladies to let me get down at andheri….falling at andheri station…pleading rick guys to take me to office…..feeling helpless as the rick broke down neither near the station nor too far….again pleading people getting completely drenched to take me to office…but no cab or rick guy agreeing…getting completely wet right to the bone and hopping onto a bus….seeing the bus inch through the HORRIBLE traffic jam…realising that you dont even have spare clothes at office for you to change and your viral infection is definitely going to sap you of all the energy that you are left with…your head is horriblely heavy, your limbs threaten to give way as you are walking about 1.5 kms in the pouring rain, fighting the fatigue, the rains threatening to slow you down, to reach…
……office 5 minutes late and get a half day for that…could your monday have started worse???

for anyone who feels the monday blues ever…please save this and can read this and feel better…


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7 Responses to For People Suffering from Monday Blues

  1. Divs says:

    Good grief! I really really would have turned around and gone home – leaves or no leaves left. Why would you go to office like that? Hugs!

  2. R's Mom says:

    @Divs: Thanks for the hugs…yaa I am really dumb…I should have turned back then only 😦 anyways almost done with the day now 🙂

  3. Rohini says:

    That sucks! I think I'll just extend my leave indefinitely

  4. Average Jane says:

    OMG! I really hope you are OK. You are a super mom, really.

  5. R's Mom says:

    @Ro: Nahi nahi…dont do that…otherwise I am sure my hubby will blame my stupidity for your decision as well…trust me he was so pissed off at me…first time in 4 years of marriage he actually threatened to lock me up into the house..and here I am sitting at home today with heavy dosage of meds with the viral infection threatening to be malaria 😦 upar se I lost my cell phone also yesterday…it really sucked big time!@AJ: Super mom..thanks…you feel that ways…my hubby called me a super idiot 😦 read the comment response I gave to Ro…my life really sucked yesterday!!!

  6. hey went through your blog it was actually nice, today…felt good after reading your story….

  7. hey was going through your blog found it really nice….felt really good after reading your story as something very similar happened with me as well today….

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