I am So So Embarrassed

Okie..so this is what happens

June mid…I attend R’s playgroup induction and then am told that she will get a sports uniform from school and after three days I find a white shirt and red dungaree in her bag and keep it separately for her to wear whenever its been told (She has to wear it only on occasions and not everyday)

July mid….mom comes over and she mentions that R’s uniform seems a bit big for her and I tell her that its okie…free size and all that..she agrees and just folds it and keeps it away

August 16th: I read in her dairy that she is going to be taken to a fruits shop tomorrow and needs to wear her sports uniform…please note two things here

firstly she has never worn any uniform to her playgroup till date
secondly the colour of the month of august is RED (RED dungarees remember?)

August 17th morning: Dress her up in the new uniform…the never taking photos mom makes her POSE for photos and manages to click a dozen of them…though the uniform does seem a little big for her..but who cares…these are her first photos in uniform and all that..and mom is super excited and stuff

August 17th mid morning: Get a call from her daycare/playgroup and miss the call…call back to hear that the daycare teacher is speaking to R’s dad…so call up R’s dad who has the history of NEVER picking up calls and always calling back after you have forgotten WHY did you call up in the first place (hey its not only me…even his own mom complains about that!!!!) repeating history as usual, dad wont pick up the call
mom gets palpitations, imagines R sick, breathless and puking and stuff…calls up daycare but number is busy..which makes her all the more dizzy…immediately sends sms to dad asking why daycare called up… dad doesnt reply…mom waits for about half an hour and then calls up again!!! and dad picks up and says what..why are you calling again!!
I was like because you DIDNT pick up at the first instance and didnt even reply if R okie..is she sick..what happened..the usual avalanche of questions…
and R’s dad is speechless for a micro milli second and says…’arey that uniform’…I am like ‘what happened to that’…
R’s dad: its not hers, its some other students, some other school’s uniform.
and I fall off my chair…I literally did…the people around me got worried…
I am like what the heck…how can it be..’it came in her bag 3 days after the induction as they had said..its hers….’
and R’s dad is exasperated and tells me that ‘lets conference the daycare’…
before he calls up, mom decides to call up HER mom and ask HER what she did to her grand daughter’s uniform (as if she would know)
by the time, dad calls up and says why is your number busy..oh just forget it..talk to the daycare
so I speak to the head teacher there..and she tells me..its not her uniform, we have been asking people for about 3 months now where the uniform went because its some other child’s uniform and that child has even left the daycare!!!
and I am like..‘what where when how…’
and so the teacher gets confused and I get confused and hubby is laughing on the phone…and then the great V teacher comes, calms me down and tells me there is some mistake..its not even the uniform of the playgroup, they have green colour uniform…and there I fall off the chair again…I mean after all the posing, biscuit bribing and evening mein choco biscuit bribing…I took the WRONG photos…nahinnnnnnn!!!
look at my cheapness…not worried about her daughter getting the wrong uniform, worried about all the hard work that went in making R pose!!!
anyways…so teacher says that you had to go to get the uniform in a shop…and I am like ‘What where when how…’ you get the thread of questions now dont you…
in all this smart alec hubby says..’teacher I did tell R’s mom that the NEW uniform looked a bit dirty around the collars’…WHAT I wanted to hit that guy….so why do you have to tell that to V teacher!!!!! what will she think, i dont dress my child in clean clothes???
anyways, the saga ended by me telling teacher that i will get the fee receipt (Please pray to God that I do get it!!) and we can take R for measurements to the shop and get her the right uniform…imagine R has been in the playgroup for 2.5 months and I dont even know what the uniform there is!!
spoke to my mom, who hmmed hmmed through the entire conversation as I poured it out..and she tells me…’okie but I would have at least checked if it was the right uniform’…yaa mom, thats what moms are for!!!


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6 Responses to I am So So Embarrassed

  1. Momo's Ma says:

    he he. interesting. but the good part is looks like ur camera is all charged up and handy.so we can get to see some snaps of R.never mind if the uniform is not hers.. 🙂

  2. Shruti says:

    LOL… Can't bealive it! I'm literrally ROFL. oops Sorry. Hope its all sorted now.

  3. Smita says:

    Hey Rakhs… Only you can do this… wow…. i had tears in my eyes due all the laughing… thanks for making my day…. hehehehe

  4. R's Mom says:

    @Momo's Ma: Now comes the part of cajoling hubby to transfer the photos from mobile to laptop…camera impossible to handle for me ;)@Shruti and Smits: chalo at least someone laughed at the end of all this!!! I am still so so embrassed to even go to pick up R from her daycare now 😦

  5. caroline says:

    omg how cud u do this? hehe i'm not taking u on another guilt trip bt it was fun hahahahah…

  6. R's Mom says:

    @Carol: dont laugh at me 😦 yaa but it was funny na hehehe 🙂

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