Was the Meter Really Jammed Yesterday???

In Mumbai, at least in the area where I travel from Kandivali to Andheri East…no I really dont think so…I didnt see any lesser ricks on the roads or anyone NOT taking a rick..infact as usual in Andheri East there were rick fellows refusing to ply passengers as usual towards Saki Naka..
I took part in the meter jam..ended up reaching office 45 minutes late…which was extremely frustrating…and may be so may have many other people….but do I think it really made a difference to the rick or cab drivers..no…I dont think so…
may be I am being cynical here….it would have impacted their business someway..but honestly I didnt find any change in their attitude or in the way they ran their ricks yesterday…(I cant comment about the cabs because I dont go to town side)
not that I expect an overnight change in their attitude but the rick driver who took me today wasnt even aware of the meter jam thing….’kal aap ko kum passengers the kya’ (did you have lesser passengers yesterday?) I asked him in the morning..and he looked at me to check if I was talking in my sleep…’nahi madam aisa kuch nahi tha’ (no madam nothing of that sort)….so you can guess where the conversation went…

but guess this is a start

there has to be some way to let the rick drivers know that they are definitely not doing us a favor by plying us anywhere…its just that I wished it was more effective…Its so frustating to see rick drivers refusing to take up passengers if its a short distance or if they know the area is going to be perpetually crowded (Like andheri station or andheri kurla road)
I read somewhere that there were 30 K or so people who had registered for the meter jam in Mumbai…in a population of 20 million Mumbaikars, its like counting on the fingers…but like I said…this is definitely a start…and next time the meter gets jammed, I am sure participating….may be it will work some day…


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