The One With 1.32 Songs and Frog Hoppings

Saturday morning attended R’s first culmination at playschool…we were supposed to dress her up in green shirt, black pant (note that her teacher mentioned last time we met up that she has noticed that we dress R mostly in pant-shirt and very rarely in frocks and skirts, so they asked for green shirt, black pant) anyways after a lot of wrestling with her father (i went off for my bath conveniently) she wore the clothes….and we went to the playgroup…she saw her daycare teacher and walked away without a backward glance…

and then there were parents bringing in their kids for the culmination..and they were handing over the kids to their playgroup teacher..while hubby and I stood there wringing our hands wondering if we should call R to us and then send her to the playgroup teacher….then we see madam walking out with her V teacher (daycare) and she didnt even look at us…just walked past and went coolly to her playgroup teacher :):) Yaa my heart did break a bit 😉

We were made to wait for about half an hour…(I dont blame the teachers for that…there were parents bringing in their kids 15 to 20 minutes late…{gosh how can can you…arent you teaching your kids WRONG things right from the start..what are you teaching them..that its okie to make people wait!!!!})

anyways… suddenly R’s mom realises that she is not sure what culmination means…so R’s dad the gizmo king quickly googles it on his I phone and figures out the meaning…so basically R’s playschool is going to tell us what our kids learnt in the past two months….

One teacher (DM) comes out and asks us what all did your kids learn in June and July..the ever enthusiastic back benchers (read R’s mom and dad) shout out most of the stuff taught!!! yaa yaa we are definitely over enthusiastic…and she warned us that NONE of us should wave to their kids (it was a make shift stage in the compound itself) otherwise the program will have kids running to their parents and nothing else!

now there is a cute guy in the casio who is playing some basic tune while the head teacher (HT) of R’s class comes out (on the side…she is one real hot babe…mother of a kiddo who is older to R by an year..but looks like a college kid or something!!!) anyways so HT comes and starts singing a poem on blue colour and six kids march out with different blue coloured stuff like shoe, balloon, etc etc…and they are all so so is crying…one is looking for his parents…one was trying to stand under the weight of the cardboard box…in short NO ONE was even bothered about the stage or whatever…one of the other teachers (DT) was on the stage trying to get the kids in line and stuff…then when DM asked them to say what they had in their hands…there wwas total silence and you could hear the DT prompting them…a couple of kids answered..but there was a lot of cheering from the back benchers (you know who!) and then the kids waved and marched out…

then there was the turn of kids who had become clouds and rain drops and except for one of the kids, most of them, were in a bad mood..that kid was smiling and waving to his elder sis (who was about 6 or 7 I think) sitting right at the front..and that was so funny…again there was some song sung on the rains and the drops and then the kiddos waved to the cheering of the back benchers 😉

finally the creepy crawly creatures of rain were supposed to come..and you could see a happy frog hopping about the stage so many times that DT had to pull her to the side and tell her to stand still…she brought in with her the earthworm as well as the snail….madam frog had a head band which a frog figure on it and two legs and two hands like frog tied to her hands and legs..and she was busily hopping and smiling and trying to break open the frog hands…while her parents were worried she would start crying..she just was enjoying herself…when DM asked her what have you become..she was perplexed…frog prompted DT..and you could hear her say frog…and then there songs which was sung….’rain rain go away’..and then ‘I hear thunder’…so when teacher asked if we can sing ‘I hear thunder’..madam over enthu nods her head (should rename her noddy or something) and then when the mike is brought to her she sings

Rain rain, go away
I hear thunder, I hear thunder,
Oh Dont you, oh dont you
pitter patter………….

so basically 1.32 songs…started with one, continued into another and left it half way 😉

with her HT singing in after pitter patter rain drops…

then when the three kids are asked to wave back to the audience..she does with both her hands…notices her dad..who blows her a flying kiss…her face lights up and she blows him back a kiss..a moment so precious that Iwish I had the camera that could catch both their was priceless:):)

R, I am so happy and proud that you enjoyed yourself that day…now I know why you were hopping all the while on Thursday and Friday evening and when i asked you who taught you that, you wouldnt tell kiddo …learning to surprise your parents are you…
I am glad that you are not yet of the age where you will become conscious of the stage..and enjoy yourself with your poems and stuff where ever you are..
I am glad that you had fun that day and to many more culminations like this…
P.S. baby, just wanted to tell you that all colours are not green…blue is NOT green and black is NOT green..and nor is red….okie!!!!!


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4 Responses to The One With 1.32 Songs and Frog Hoppings

  1. Momo's Ma says:

    aww. so cute… R, u rock. here's to many more such wonderful performances.

  2. R's Mom says:

    @Momo's Ma: Thanks thanks :):)

  3. Shruti says:

    arrey pios share karo plsssssssssss

  4. R's Mom says:

    @shruti: we didnt take any pics rey…the school has a policy that they will take pics and give us so will share that then 🙂

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