Friendship Day and All That

So….two guys tied me a friendship band each at 3 in the afternoon on Aug 1st…what does that say about me ahem ahem???
That I am a friendly mom and the boys under discussion are friends of R who are in their class 5 and 7 respectively…and they tied that to me since R was asleep!!!!

Yaa whatever….at least I got TWO of them…what say 😉
In other news, R’s second Parent Teacher Meet went off well…with most teachers having no probs with R…she is a different child in school methinks!
She helps out other kiddos, says her rhymes well, recognizes the stuff she is supposed to..takes great interest in her craftwork, etc etc..which brings me back to the same question…excuse me teacher, is that MY child you are talking about!!!

Yesterday evening…I overheard R humming something…which turns out to be a song that my dad used to sing for us when we were kids….from where did she LEARN THAT!!!
the song is something like this…‘Manubhai chali, pum, pum, pum…Chowpatty jayenge, bhelpuri khaenge’
anyone knows more about this song…???
Belated Happy Friendship Day to Everyone!
Next post….picture of the stuff R and me made…still havent charged the battery of the camera 😦


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5 Responses to Friendship Day and All That

  1. Mama - Mia says:

    Cub is exactly the Ulta i school. doesnt say a word, keeps to himself etc.but at home he never shuts up and tells us everything he does in school! sigh!R sounds like a fun kid alright!and i think they taught mannubhai motor chali in school. because Cub was also singing it! :)cheers!

  2. R's Mom says:

    @Abha: yaa..she is a fun child until you realise that she is definitely in her terrible twos…wow…Cub tells you everything at home..thats so wonderful…dono ko mila na chaheye…hopefully they will learn..and I think this manubhai motor chali is a movie song or something….its so cute :):)

  3. Momo's Ma says:

    the song is from a film : here is the link: . these kids pick up songs from school and we ahve to rack our brains what they are saying and where did they learn it from. Momo says some additional words for twinkle twinkle and i dunno what it is. maybe i should google it up 🙂

  4. R's Mom says:

    @Momo's Ma:Thank you thank you…and additional words to twinkle twinkle is it..heheheh 🙂 Let meknow whats that…R usually sings additional words for ABC..some come back to me or something….I can hardly figure that out…so I just say ya ya ya to that :)@Carol: thanks ya..I didnt even know you read my blog! btw…you sing this to Ian…you sing!!! bechara mera bacha!!!

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