Myriad of Emotions

Depressed….Ma is leaving tomorrow 😦
Amused…after R insisted, when I picked her up from daycare,…that she wants to go back to school and doesnt want to come home 🙂
Upset…..because Ma got up at 5 in the morning to make idlis for me to take to office for everyone (about 30 of them) and they all turned out bad because of the batter was spoilt because of the weather 😦

and hubby said they taste weird :(:(
We had to throw them all away…..I hate to waste food and felt horrid after poor ma spent so much time behind it (why this was not discovered earlier that the idlis werent good…!!!is a question I refuse to dwell on)…
actually to confess…Ma did ask me to taste them in the morning (Ma couldnt taste because of her fast!)…when she made the first batch since she was suspicious about it…but I refused saying cant taste anything…and then poor ma made the second batch and hubby came up with this excellent comment on they tasting as if they are fungied :(:(
Happy…since we are meeting up with my former boss for dinner tomorrow
Yaa…thats too much of emotion to handle in a single day….


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