I Wonder……..

….why R wants to go to susu just 33.82 seconds before her van is about to arrive inspite of me asking her a MILLION times from 6 in the morning
…..how R knows that its Sunday and gets up by herself while on week days I have to wake her up…I thought this happens only after kids start understanding the concept of Sunday=holiday
….how the bai manages to ring the bell just when I am about to nap in the afternoon on sunday
…..how R figured out that the picture of the guys in the drum is ‘Aal izz well’
…..how R has proven herself to be a true Mumbaikar and speaks the Mumbaiyya language as if its her mother tongue (though with limited vocab)
…..how R can figure out her dad’s car out of the 10 different ones standing there (well I cant!!!)
….how R manages to extract that extra bit of chocolate from her dad by making that puppy face and how her dad falls for it EVERYTIME
…..how R manages to polish off SO MUCH FOOD and yet remain underweight for her age (not that I am complaining hehehehe)
…..how the crow that comes to our balcony doesnt fly away when R calls her, but when I go to check it out, it goes away even before I can see it properly
…..how R can sing the nursery rhymes to her teachers, but stops after one line when she sings for her mom (honestly she says baa baa black sheep…johnny johnny yes papa…humpty dumpty…) new rhyme maker is she!!!
……how R can eat from a banana leaf without dropping a bit of the rice and rasam, but manage to create a messy collage of the dry biscuit I give her in the bowl!!!! (south indian genes showing….MIL, you should be proud ehehehe)
……how R can do everything to irritate the hell out of you and convince her dad that it wasnt her fault at all!!!!


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4 Responses to I Wonder……..

  1. aaah signs of a typical 2 year old šŸ™‚ .. i totally agree with the last line though. Hmph!

  2. R's Mom says:

    @MM: I know…I really get so bugged at the last line šŸ™‚

  3. Smita says:

    So R started to go by van… you dont have to drop her anymore?

  4. R's Mom says:

    @Smits: Yaa…but it comes only at 8..so peak train traffic toh hota hi hai šŸ˜¦

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