Happiness Is…………..

….meeting a friend, unannounced at her house, after 1.5 years of her marriage and realising that some friendships are forever, whether you meet up or not
…..getting a big time scolding from friend’s mom (who feels close enough to you to scold you), for not being in touch with her for 1.5 years after your friend got married 🙂 and threatening to slam the door on your face if you repeat that the next time ever 😉
…..God answering your prayers that uncle opens the door instead of aunty, because you know that aunty is so sweet that she is capable enough to slam the door on your face even without threatening to do it :):) and uncle of course, opens the door and welcomes you with a huge smile 😉
…….when you realise that. you dont feel a bit weird, that your daughter is having a severe bout of coughing and vomiting out cough while, all aunty does is silently be there for you and hand out roll after roll of tissue, till the coughing bout is over!
…….biting into an amazingly soft, yummy gulab jamun that aunty made and asking for more
……realising that you are extremely lucky in life to have such friends…


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4 Responses to Happiness Is…………..

  1. R's Mom says:

    @MM: Thanks…BTW following the Artsy-Craftsy this month…seriously…for good ideas :)Thanks ya…

  2. Swaram says:

    Thatz so nice 🙂

  3. R's Mom says:

    @Swaram: Yaa…me very lucky na 😉

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