Do You Look Like a Homely Wife

Conversation between me and a guy in office (new office, new fellow whom I have been talking for like a month, he is searching for a girl for himself to get married to)
Him:So what did you order today for lunch?
Me: I brought dabba from home
Him: Oh so your mom is there is it?
Me: No! Ma’s gone back to Brc
Him: MIL has come???
Me: Nahi…no one…I cooked myself
Him: What? You cooked food today???
Me: huh…I cook food everyday…
Him: What…you cook by yourself every day in the morning…
Me: Yaa….
Him: Oh! So you get only for yourself..or also cook for your hubby (he knows that my hubby leaves at 6.45 – 7 in the morning for work)
Me: I cook for both of us…
Him: What do you cook?
Me: Roti bhaji
Him: Oh!
Me: Whats with the Oh???
Him: (not answering directly) So do you carry forward last night’s food or do you cook fresh in the morning?
Me: I cook fresh in the morning..and now tell me something..why are you giving me a third degree…whats the problem here?
Him: Well…you dont LOOK the types who will get up in the morning and cook for her LOOK more of the ordering from outside types
Actually I didnt say anything…my mouth gaped open and before I could react, I got a call from my mom so the conversation discontinued…
But…do I have to LOOK like a cooking wife???
PS: He is a very nice guy…I really have grown to respect him for the way he works and talks and cares for other people..but this weird conversation really confused me!!!! Maybe he was just pulling my leg…!!!


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4 Responses to Do You Look Like a Homely Wife

  1. LO. Don't think so much.. What difference does it make if u look like a cooking wife( LOL what a term) or don't. Just bcos some1 labels u a particular way u r not going to change. Are u?? :p

  2. R's Mom says:

    @MM: Nahi I wont change the way I am..but its just so surprising!

  3. PV says:

    That reeks of pure MCP-ness !Guess he'll make his choice based on how cooking-wifely she looks like. Guess his future spouse's goose is cooked already

  4. R's Mom says:

    @PV: I dont know ya…like I mentioned he is as such a very nice guy..but this whole concept made me kinda feel very confused about him 🙂

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