Travel Tales

Yesterday in the Train
Conversation between two college girls in the train in Gujarati which I am translating here
Girl 1: i couldnt find you on facebook
Girl 2: I am there…
G1: your photo is there??
G2: Its there but I have kept it restricted only to friends
G1: thats good its better to be careful
G2: Yaa inspite of that, there is this guy in the class who keeps sending me friend’s request…I really dont want him on my list
G1:Then just block him..let him feel bad..who cares..your choice whom to want and whom you dont…has he seen your pic or something
G2: No, I am not even allowing friends’ friends to see the pic ya…its better to be safe than sorry
Good for you girls..while I do believe social networking sites are a great way to connect, reconnect and keep connected…I am glad young girls are being careful

Today in the bus
You lady in the colorful sleevless top, dangler ear rings and big white bag, looking at everyone as if a bad smell under your pretty nose….you DO NOT have any right to tell anything to the conductor….its his job to collect money and issue tickets..inspite of being in a place where there is no place to breathe……he manages about 3 bags, issues tickets, collects money and on top of that….listens to stupid ladies like you..just because he asked you to give him space to collect ticket from other people, you cant ask HIM TO MOVE away..what the hell!!!! if you stand there occupying the space of 2 people and acting as if he is touching you wrongly…nonsense..he wasnt even touching an inch of your bag…..and you grumble… are a first rate idiot…thankfully he was a calm middle aged man..who just told you to let him do his duty and moved away to issue tickets…if I were in his place..I would have bloody ensured that you get down from the bus…
If you have such a problem with people crowding around you…why the hell dont you take a rick..or at least stand in the ‘sitting’ line of the bus so that you get a place to sit and you and your pretty bum can rest on it…do you get it lady…stop acting day some one will shove you out of the bus at this rate!!!!
Do people realise that they are loud when they critize their collegues or their bosses sitting in the bus???
I can hear them despite standing 4 seats away, midst all the pushing, shoving, poking, groping, squeezing, buses honking, rain pouring, people swearing and everything…
What if the person discussed is known to someone who boards the same bus????


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2 Responses to Travel Tales

  1. Momo's Ma says:

    i miss those days of itbus/ train. the chatter , the jostling, the stuffed like sardines scenario. now i stay in a part where taxi is most convenient..but i must take Momo once in a train.

  2. R's Mom says:

    @Momo's Ma: You MISS the must be kidding….I am waiting to get over it…when I am rich enough hehehe πŸ™‚ and you SHOULD take Momo by the train…she will love it big time…R loves going around in the train πŸ™‚ and trust me…I am a hopeless mumbaikar…I actually take her with me :):) much to the astonishment of my family and friends outside mumbai…:)

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