This is what happens…

…when you think your kid is smart enough to learn 5 languages..and ends up making such a ‘khicidi’ that you can barely understand what she wants to say
Sample this
*Amma, mala jaishche (Amma = tamil, mala jaishche = I want to go = Marathi)
*Appa shirt peheno (Appa = Tamil, Shirt = English, Peheno = Hindi)
*Amma, paal chaheye (amma, paal(milk) = tamil, chaheye = Hindi)
*Amma, thandu thandu laage (Amma = Tamil, Thandu thandu laage = I am feeling cold = Gujarati)
*Amma, doi paieje (Amma = tamil, doi (curd) = Bengali, paieje (want) = Marathi)
Hubby do you read this…what are we teaching this kiddo????


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2 Responses to This is what happens…

  1. Momo's Ma says:

    hehe. same khichadi here too. enjoy korbo jab tak u can..:)

  2. R's Mom says:

    @Momo's Ma: hahahahah! korbo korbo 😉 (is that right Bong???)

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