How Do You React if Someone Praises Your Child?

I dont know…
this is what happened…Inspite of R being sick…we had to go to her first Parent teacher meet on Saturday…and since she hadnt attended school for 3 days due to illness…her teachers said she missed the key activities at school…
but they all had very positive things to say about her..except for her thumb sucking of course..and that she was very helpful child and that she picks up the bowls of all the kids after they finish food, she takes them to the bathroom, picks up the crayons after colouring for everyone, brings the other kids into the playgroup class..etc etc…Of course, they attributed this mainly to the fact that she has been going to the daycare next door for about 1 year now and that she is familiar with the playgroup teachers and the helper aunties and that her daycare teachers have trained her really well :):)
but to all this they said…I first reacted like one of the characters in the PG Wodehouse novels who want to express their love to their girl and just have their Adam’s apple bobbing up and down and the sound that comes out of their mouth is something in the lines of ‘phrgurgh’ etc…
and then after that..
I had a counter argument on how she is too young to understand help and how its all going to stop once she grows up, etc etc…its very weird that I reacted like that..
though hubby didnt tell me anything at that point..he told me yesterday….when the teachers were praising R..why didnt you accept it gracefully..why did you have to counter argue and say that she may not do it..or why didnt you believe them…
Which has me pondering…why didnt I accept it gracefully..or do I counter argue so that there is no ‘nazar’ on my child..or perhaps I feel that they should not have their expectations too high for R.or may be that that I dont want to jinx her good behavior..what made me react like that???
Honestly, I dont know how my parents reacted to anyone praising me or my bro..actually which set me wondering…Did anyone praise me at all hehehe :):) I know how they reacted to complaints..they would sit down, talk to us, explain to us and tell us not to repeat the mistakes…this is when we were older…when we were younger..well I have no recollection at all..
I know a lot of people used to praise my bro because of him being the ideal child and all that..and I was an anti thesis of that…but then I seriously dont remember how my parents reacted to anyone praising us…
so the question is…how do you react to your child’s praise…? What is called ‘accepting gracefully’?
I know not..and it confuses me totally…sometimes I feel..if I agree to the person, may be they will think I am showing off about my child..or if I disagree to the person, hubby says my behavior is whats the ideal reaction???
How do you react to anyone praising your child???


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4 Responses to How Do You React if Someone Praises Your Child?

  1. scribblermom says:

    I just smile and say thank you. If the praise in her presence, i explain to her and also ask her to thank that person… When shes praised first time by strangers, after saying thank you, i let them know that she has her bad days too, which results in a chuckles from that person 🙂

  2. R's Mom says:

    @Scribblermom: Yaa guess thats a good idea… :):)

  3. R's Mom says:

    @Rohini: hahahahaha 🙂 now you have two ….so its double of the effort na 😉

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