Those Precious Three Minutes of Mine

Its raining…there is a slight chill in the air..I have just finished my bath and cradle a hot cup of tea in my hand…I sit by the balcony looking out at the daily walkers who brave the rains and walk away..a lone bird flying in the air…trying to get wet or may be get back home..the lonely dog by the street lamp curling up…the cars standing in salutation to the partially hidden sun and the marshland in front of my window gleaming in the early morning light and wet drops of rain…I sip my tea in serene peace waiting for my call…
Amma‘..she calls me and the spell is broken….and its back to routine of milk, potty, bath, dress, raincoat, rickshaw, school, train, office…
That cup of tea..its very important to me…its my 3 minutes of solitude which I live for myself..not for anyone else at all..its my 3 minutes of instant relaxation, gearing up for the busy day..its my 3 minutes to peace and silence…and its my 3 minutes of self rejuvenation
I literally live by the sentence of the poem ‘There is no time to stand and stare’ Except for these 3 minutes in the morning…my life is a rush….and those three minutes to ‘myself’ mean a lot to me
I have seen my mom and dad going through the rush hour in the morning getting both the kids ready to school, getting ready for school and office, cooking, etc etc..and while dad would at least sit through that rush for about 2 minutes to gulp down his coffee, mom would drink her cup of coffee between all this rush standing or running after one of us to get ready on time…no time to sit down and enjoy that time I decided when I grow up and live in my own house, I shall ensure that I have that precious 3 minutes with me to SIT and enjoy my cup of morning tea…
My dad would keep asking mom to sit down and have her coffee but she would keep rushing all through without a moment to spare….
I remember on most Sundays, dad would pull out 4 chairs and place them in the garden and we all would sit and drink our coffee there gossiping about nothing, mom making list of things which dad and us had to do on that holiday, with bro and me yawning and nodding….Those were precious moments together and I really cherish them now..

I try the Sunday morning routine with hubby and R..but somehow we havent gotten into it yet…something or the other keeps coming up , either R needs to go to the potty, or the paper comes in and hubby gets busy reading it or I have to clean up the bedroom…whatever….but it just doesnt click :):)
I have graduated from coffee to tea (blame it on the strong gujju roots!) and now ensure that at least on weekdays, I make it point to get up 5 minutes early, just to enjoy my 3 minutes to myself :):)
To all you people out there reading this blog…please ensure that when you drink your first tea or coffee for the day…sit down, cherish it, enjoy it, savour it and bless those 3 minutes of peace…and enjoy the ‘stand and stare’ moment


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4 Responses to Those Precious Three Minutes of Mine

  1. Momo's Ma says:

    wow.. so much thought behind that simple cuppa… i love drinkign my coffee in peace too in the mornings, just staring at the window or the walls or nothing in particular. cheers…

  2. R's Mom says:

    @Momo's Ma: Thats great…I am glad you do it…:):)

  3. Smita says:

    Hi… I can really relate to your three mins… for me its the newspaper… unopened and first thing in the morning… cant really start my day without reading the headline

  4. R's Mom says:

    @Smits: hahaha! N allow karta hai kya 😉

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