Venue: Leopolds Cafe, Colaba, Mumbai
Time of meeting: 6.45 PM at Churchgate station and then proceed to Colaba
Reason: Celebrate 4 years of togetherness, 5 years of knowing each other, and three days of successful staying without daughter (This wasnt even an anniversary treat!!!)
Attendees: Hubby and me

It was fun….after that post on how we were missing R and all that…hubby decided that enough was enough and we should just freak out for that last one evening without R just the two of us..what we didnt do during the time …after we got married and DIDNT have a child..we did on friday evening…

Honestly, I think after a long time I got to spend some quality time with hubby…we met up at Churchgate station..him from work and me from work (okie before any allegations of what happened to the long romantic drive over the sea link and all that….lets be practical…we are Mumbaikars and for Mumbai based doesnt make sense to go through that harrowing we travel seperately in gents and ladies compartment by train ehehehe and meet up at the nearest station!)

We walked all the way to Gate way and for the first time in four years I figured out where Jehangir Art Gallery was, Prince of Wales Mueseum (Chatrapati Shivaji Muesuem now!) I have to get back to those places yet…..

Had bhelpuri at the street (and cribbed to hubby about how even street food in Town (thats what we suburbs people call south mumbai) is more expensive!)

…walked through the Colaba causeway…..then decided to dine at Leopolds (yaa of the Mumbai attacks fame and they still have a window with the bullet mark on it!)…for me it was the first time there (Hubby has been there quite a number of times) Its surprising to see the crowd there…but its a nice quaint place which has loud music but gives you enough privacy to talk, fight or whatever…hehehe 🙂

We had a good time eating salsa, cheese and nachos and some yummy egg schewan fried rice…for the first time in my life I agreed to drink a mocktail (ya ya I am one of those suspicious types who thinks that even mocktails have alcohol!) but anyways so I ordered a summer queen which was basically khus juice, basil seeds and sprite..and trust me I recommend it to one and all…it was cold, yummy and really really soothing…

I also saw a beer tower for the first time when the guys next table ordered it and I was shamelessly staring at it 😉 Also noticed three young girls who managed to drink an entire pitcher of beer between them with na!

It was a nice evening and after dinner we jumped into a bus…yes yes a about romantic and all that:):) and went through marine drive..reached churchgate station…boarded a borivali slow train and then I promptly went off to sleep…..

Reached home dog tired..but it was a memorable all those who havent done the deed of leaving their kids with the grandparents and spending some quality time with hubby…I think you should….the guilt factor always remains but then its always fun to freak out 🙂


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4 Responses to The DATE

  1. Good. U shud make the most of it.. 🙂

  2. Momo's Ma says:

    wow. glad u had a nice date. me and my hubby did sneak in a film this time leaving Momo with my folks. it was fun to live that bindass life

  3. Smita says:

    Hey… looks like you had a lot of fun… the only time i left N was to watch 3 Idiots… but I should try this… I think its time now

  4. R's Mom says:

    @MM: Oh yes we did :)@Momo's Ma: Which movie, which movie???@Smits: Of course you should ya….he will stay aaram se with your in laws 🙂

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