The Red Marker Blogathon

Sue came up with this wonderful idea of the red marker blogathon and so many entries have already come in..and honestly I think my English has improved drastically after reading her updates 1 and 2
I dont know if this would qualify for this blogathon but this is something I have never understood…

Phone from my college friend from my hometown: S delivered a baby
Me: Wow! thats great is it girl or boy
Friend: Arey its a baby!
Me: Yaa I heard boy or girl
Friend (a bit irritated) : Baby, baby, baby
Me: Gosh! Whats with this phone! I heard you man, I am asking you if the baby is a girl or a boy
Friend: R’s mom, dont you hear me..its a baby…baby means girl
Me (Flabbergast) : Baby means girl..can’t baby mean boy???
Friend: Arey if it was a boy, I would have said “BABA” na!
Me: (Scratching my head) :huh!

So did you know..that if its a girl..its baby and if its a boy..its “BABA”!!!
Its pretty common practice in the Western part of India, to designate the word baby to a girl child and baba to a boy child..inspite of baby being used for both actually….!

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8 Responses to The Red Marker Blogathon

  1. Sue says:

    LOLAnd in clubs all over the rest of India they use ''Missy Baba' to refer to young girls.I think these are hangovers from the Raj days, myself.Thanks for joining the blogathon. You know, it never struck me before but if you have any questions on English usage, you're welcome to ask them at the blogathon, or even answer somebody else's doubts.

  2. really??? Thats a first! I wouldn't have guessed too. 😦

  3. Momo's Ma says:

    i have heard this from my maids etc. its quite common in mumbai.. funny na.. 🙂

  4. Timepass says:

    Hey I have faced this some 25 years back!! when a girl from my neighbourhood asked if my sister was a baba or a baby..i remember saying Baby only because at that time i did not know what baba meant!! ( we had recently shifted to that neighbourhood)

  5. R's Mom says:

    @Sue: Thanks for the efforts… I will actually clarify a few doubts before you close the blogathon :):)@MM: hahahah! You didnt guess na :)@Momo's Ma: Yaa actually in Mumbai and in Gujarat this is common practice..only I wasnt aware :)@TP: You did so long ago!!!!!

  6. karmickids says:

    I still get this from the MIL when I call the brat, Baby, arey, yeh toh Baba hai!

  7. R's Mom says:

    @Kiran: hahahahha!

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