The Best Gift Your Spouse Gave You you get whats in the post..whats the best gift you have got from your spouse??? ..obviously you dont include gifts by siblings and parents or inlaws in this……actually whats the best materialistic gift that you have got from your spouse??? because then it would be love, caring, sharing, tenderness, your children.. etc etc..which are obviously NOT materialistic…so lemme see…whats the best materialistic gift my spouse gave me…

For me…well out of the zillion things he has got for me…whats most memorable is books no. 6, 7 of Harry Potter….

the book six was a total total suprise..we had been engaged for about 2 months..when I get a courier in my name at hometown..and then I opened it..Gosh did I scream or parents thought I was totally off my nuts or something..finished reading the book in about 6 hours shedding tears on Dumbledore’s death and then calling up hubby (then ‘fiance’) and crying again ehheheheh :):) I think this gift mattered to me more than all the jewellery, clothes, gold that he has got for me..

and then of course the Book 7..which he got for me when we were married for about an year and a half..and I spent the entire night reading it and then sniffing about Harry, Ginny and Ron & Hermoine :):)

Okie now when I re-read what I have written, it does look like a post of a 13 year old who got that from her boyfriend..but then who cares?? Its honestly the best thing I got from my hubby…

And now hubby knows that if he wants me to be really happy..all he has to do is to gift me a good book..

so whats the best ‘materialistic’ gift your spouse gave you???


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