In response to TimePass’s comment in the previous post

……….And of course to show off what a wonderful parent I am to endure a screaming, squirming, shouting child, this is the haircut episode…….We decided to give R a mind you this is the first cut, after her full mundan that took place in Calcutta in January…and R didnt really have too much of hair growth..her hair texture is exactly like my MIL’s (thankfully!) thin and smooth…mine resemble Medusa’s angry head!!!!

anyways so for a long time..since a month…. after much of confusion, discussions, buzzes from friends and lot of give and take..MIL wanted to do a full shave again..while I wasnt too keen about it..then MIL agreed since its going to be her bday soon..etc etc…..we agreed to JUST trim her for an innocent passerby…a trim shouldnt take more than 10 minutes after all like I mentioned her hair growth is negligible….

after going to one barber and 3 beauty parlours at our area, who categorically REFUSED to cut her hair just by looking at her (she is scary man!) my hubby decided to take matters in his hands and take her to his regular barber…now this place is about 25 minutes away from home but then who cares… hair first hair first….

while we asked MIL and FIL to go to the nearby temple to pray for their GD’s safety or rather the barber’s safety..the better half and I took her to THE PLACE..since it was a bit crowded…R and shameless to mention R’s mom, were looking around seeing guys cut their hair, shave their faces,massage their faces, THREAD their excess much is..yaa they do that!!!! etc etc

About 25 minutes of agonizing wait in which R had enquired about the hair, the shaving cream, the scissors, the high chair, the after shave, one man’s bald head, (dont even ask me to type the entire list…) with her favorite question ‘Yeh Ka Hai’ in her singsong voice..and no, her father will not even go near her…he is busy with his I that leaves the poor mother to explain the concept of men’s salon to her to the great shock of the people there and of course the horrid embarrassment of her mom..

So R is called onto the high seat..her highness decides that she doesnt like it and starts crying…no actually not crying.. screaming…!!! but the barber is a brave heart and very confidently tells her dad to just stand nearby…’Man you dont know what you are taking on’…so he put some water on her hair…and then hubby and me have a quick argument about What we want to do with her hair..while I dont want to cut it crew cut..hubby thinks thats the best way for washing her hair…the barber looks at both of us..decides that we will get into a major fist pow says ‘okie okie..aab mein cut karta hoon’..and man! what a guy! what a guy…..he refused to let us hold R’s head…I just held her against my shoulder since she got up crying..then he spoke to her, cajoled her, laughed with her, cut her hair to HER whims and fancies while covering her mother with her hair completely and letting her suck her thumb after 10 minutes of violent protest…he did it..he actually gave her hair a shape..and beautiful boy’s cut (like my MIL calls it) and thats it..her hair got cut…hurrah!!! and for the next 3 months hopefully it wont grow beyond control!!!

hey before you say that I take unwanted credit..I was completely covered in her hair and I did balance her when she was standing..ain’t I a wonderful mom!!!


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One Response to In response to TimePass’s comment in the previous post

  1. Timepass says:

    You sure are a wonderful mom!! LOLHappy Birthday to little R..from Punch

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