Photographs Anyone???

There have been hardly any photo sessions in our parents are not very camera friendly and with my hideous pimples, I preferred not to be photographed…I would just get too conscious..

when my cousin came to stay over for her college with us, we had fun in college nad she was pretty okie with getting herself photographed and I would invariably get dragged in….her dad, my mama is an avid photographer and pretty professional as well…he has about a million photos of both my cousins, in various stages of their lives with every one and anyone…

on the other hand, my parents have very few photographs of me and my bro as kids,that too mainly the photos that my mama clicked whenever we went to calcutta, and only when we got a bit older in college that I used to click photos of our trips and we have some memories of them stored

Infact, before I got married, when we were discussing stuff with my to-be-hubby, he was very enthused about photographs and all that..while honestly, we were very reluctant to get even photographers (forget the videographers) I still believe its a waste of money to gather two HUGE large albums which are kept up in the attic and then pose for the video guy to get the right angle and then a million other poses that they make you do to get the right coy bride pose and all that..hubby’s family was pretty enthused about it..and my parents decided to get the photographer as well as videographer…I warned both of them right from that start, that they had to get the pics at the right instant and not once make me redo the act of garlanding hubby or any of those stupid poses….in spite of that, these guys did manage to make me stand for a pose or two..which honestly got on to my nerves…

I am not a photo person, I get conscious, smile like a fool, close my eyes, twitch my nose, etc etc,…in short, I hate being photographed as it shows out all my physical flaws, whether its my mis shapen body, disproportionate nose, my non correct specs or whatever!

Continuing the tradition, I am one of those few and perhaps horribly lazy mothers, who hardly clicks any photographs of R…I know when I grow older, I am going to repent not clicking her photos in every stage of life, but unfortunately, it just doesnt come to me..while help comes in form of a camera phone, where I do definitely click improntu photos, I am not the types who will carry the camera along for trips…

My friends and family are tired enough telling me to send across some pics of R..whatever we have has been captured by her dad in his enthusiasm..unfortunately, its rubbed the wrong way in our case, where my laziness has been passed on to him, and even he seems to have lost enthu in taking pictures….While, I have a neighbour from back home, who has pics of his daughter which he sends across every month (she was an year in march) and that too his daughter’s always properly dressed with ribbons and flowers in her hair and all that…

I think I should change it…I should make an effort to try and capture R in everything possible…Blogging makes me do it all the more..after seeing so many moms, capturing their babies and their antics on film, I get all the more inspired….I should make it a point to take along a camera in every outing and record R’s reactions to new surroundings..I am planning to make an effort to that from now onwards….I hope to put up some pics at least in this blog in the coming months…

Oh which reminds me…I am yet to download the photos I clicked of various stuff I saw in UK (I am just realising that my photos are going to look like some tourist album because they dont have me in them at all heheheeh :)..I was clicking remember!!! It didnt strike me to ask someone else to click my pic in front of the places I went to :(!!!!!


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4 Responses to Photographs Anyone???

  1. ohhh u crazy momma!! Click . The kid will love to see ur pics.. n her pics as a child. Pimples et all.

  2. R's Mom says:

    @MM: Yes yes ….trying trying hehehehe 🙂

  3. Momo's Ma says:

    ohh..dont miss out taking snaps of R. its a treasure. i look back on my kids fotos n go aww everytime i see them. n pls dont forget to take snaps on her upcoming b de now… 🙂

  4. R's Mom says:

    @Momo's Ma: Thats so sweet of you to notice that she will be almost 2 🙂 Yaa I do plan to take pics since I am going to my hometown to celebrate the bday 🙂

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