Do you believe in Mother’s Day?

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Yesterday was Mother’s day in India. When I was in London it was celebrated on the 14th March there, so mother’s day differs from country to country. What’s the idea behind mother’s day?

My FIL looks at all these days (mother’s day, father’s day, friendship day, etc) a bit cynically saying that ‘its all the invention of card makers who see their sales grow’ ‘when we were kids there was no mother’s day and yet we all loved and respected our mothers, more than what you guys do perhaps’ etc.

Well that’s an interesting observation…Why do we celebrate mothers day?

Is it just to acknowledge the wonderful person who has given birth to you and nurtured you all her life…or like FIL says, ‘to fill the pockets of card makers and flower sellers’?

I don’t know…I somehow, like the concept of allocating a day to celebrate the presence of a person in your life whether its mother, father, sister, brother, friend, lover, spouse, child or anyone. I think it’s very important that at least once an year, you sit back, think of all the wonderful things that you have shared with that person, all the happiness or even sadness, celebrate the whole relationship and show that person how special they are to you.

I guess, there will be arguments on how you should be actually acknowledging them the whole year instead of just doing it on one day…..I quite agree to that..

But somehow, in the whole rigmarole of daily life, you often forget to thank the person who is an important part of your existence. So I think, if there is a day when you specially take out time and send across wishes to the person you love, it’s a very nice thing.

Of course, ill treating or forgetting the person throughout the year, and just showing off on that particular day is definitely not acceptable, but making an extra effort, to thank the person at least one day of the year, I am quite for it…

I am sure, there will be many across the world, who would not agree to my logic…but just that it’s nice to send across wishes or recieve wishes from your loved ones..

So, Mom and MIL, let me take this day to thank you both for just being there for me…:) and to all you wonderful mothers out there…thank you!!!


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2 Responses to Do you believe in Mother’s Day?

  1. AD says:

    My two cents – I think the world or the generation today is more vocal and more busy at the same time. So its kinda nice to allot a day to really voice your feelings than just take that 'Mom' person for granted. What say?

  2. R's Mom says:

    @AD: True…Totally agree :):)

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