Are you honest enough to admit that you didnt understand a book…????

Well! I am…there are loads of books that have been best sellers, I have attempted reading and not really understood them…and whats wrong in admitting that…I mean big deal..that doesnt make me a smaller person or stupider person..I attempted, I failed to understand and I admit it…why pretend that you really got the hidden meaning in a book when you even failed to figure out what the words meant without the help of a dictionary 🙂
There have been books like Alchemist, God of Small Things, The White Tiger, Khalil Gibran and many others, which I have read completely but failed to understand or rather failed to figure out why they became best sellers or award winners..may be I really need a crash course in reading all over again!!!!


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7 Responses to Bookonesty!!!

  1. Hey, I liked the openness with which you wrote this post. You are right. It's a free country and we have every right to express our thoughts without worrying about whether we failed to figure out something that lay hidden in these best sellers. Personally, I have not understand God of Small Things at all. Most friends have raved about it but I somehow failed to grasp what the hoopla is all about.

  2. Momo's Ma says:

    hi, new here. have seen ur comments on my blog a few times. somehow missed blog rolling u. done that now. n i so agree with u. alchemist.. i never understood it too. n some more such books(jonathan livingston , what was the big deal in it??), but really cant rem them now. n nice blog… am reading ur older ones now.

  3. R's Mom says:

    @Swapna: hehehehe 🙂 Hoopla on GFST was there wasnt it…I am not saying it is not a good book..its just that I didnt get it :)@Momo's Ma: Welcome:)Yaa Jonathan Livingston…thats another book I would add to my list!

  4. I hated White Tiger!

  5. R's Mom says:

    @Priyanka: Hain na….heheheh 🙂 even me 😉

  6. Seema says:

    Hehe, Even I read ‘The Alchemist’ till the last page only to find out why the book was so much hyped about!!! I ended up with no clue….

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