R Updates

My friend M from B’lore told me in her mail that I am writing too much in my blogs about work and not enough about R….so M, I hope you know who you are ::), this one is for you…
1) R’s eating habits scare me…I know I must be the ONLY mom on earth who would ever say this…but I am really really worried about her overeating….no its not showing in her weight..she is still pretty much in line with the weight of a 1.10 month child…but she hogs…trust me..its scary how much she can pack into that tiny tummy of hers..which as a matter of fact..is not tiny any more…she looks like a perfect Ganesh…which her ears like that…and her tummy competing with the Lord for space…
2) R speaks broken everything…..her sentences are basically 2 letter words..but she manages to make the other person understand what she wants…especially if its FOOD….the problem is that she speaks Hindi laced with Marathi and then some words in Tamil….so basically its khicidi time folks
3) She sings ‘All izzz Well’ with a lot of gusto and is very enthused when the song comes on in the car…she also hums ‘na na na’ from the song ‘saari ummr hum..mar mar ke ji liye’
4) She carrys her own school bag..which is her size and has nothing in it….but just because other kids at daycare have it..she wants it!!!
5) She can now ask for her Calcutta Thathi and Baroda Thathi and all that……..
6) Her interest is toys is still bad…the love for packaging still thrives and her love for books seems to be waning a bit….
7) She like Soya milk….gosh can you believe that…this girl has some allergy with normal milk and the doc has prescribed soya milk for her…and she actually slurps it up….
8) She asks for food..exactly the way ‘nibbles in tom and jerry cartoon’ asks for it…and she eats like him too…with her finger pointing to her mouth and saying aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


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3 Responses to R Updates

  1. Cute update. Love to read about R. Kids learn languages so fast. My niece in B'bay speaks 4-5 languages as her mom is a Punjabi and we are konkanis. It must be so cute to hear R's khichdi. I just love to hear baby talk.And LOVES Soya milk! WOW! I can drink only the chocolate flavor.And touchwood that she eats so well 🙂 Most moms, including me, have other worries.

  2. Monika says:

    award for u on my blog 🙂

  3. R's Mom says:

    @Priyanka: Sach mein I am worried ya..with her eating habits….and language ka improvement is there..now its only marathi..heheheh 🙂 and soya milk zindabad :):)@Mon: Thank you thank you thank you…soooooooooooo much 🙂

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