London Lessons

I had started writing a daily update about what I did in London…hoping to put the entire word doc on the blog..unfortunately…I couldnt continue mainly because…well mainly because I used to hate writing about doing all stuff alone…
I had quite a trip honestly…firstly this is my first trip abroad..(if you dont consider a short 2 day stint I had in Dubai 3 years ago)..and secondly…I have become so much dependent on the better half to handle the tickets, bookings, money and all that…that I was actually scared to death to travel alone..blame him for that!!!Few lessons I learnt travelling alone…
Lesson 1: Ask the Temperature…

Anyways…I was told that the weather there is pleasant… Never ask howz the weather…always ASK whats the temperature there??? because unfortunately their pleasant starts at 8 C…are you kidding I was freezing cold there..if it wasnt for my friend N’s wife who was a darling to give me her over coat…I would have really not survived there..oh wait..I did take sweaters..which are used in Mumbai hahahahahah for that!!!!
Lesson 2 : Always check your stuff once more before leaving no I didnt forget the passport or the forex…I forgot my hubby’s warm jacket which also protects against rain…in the whole confusion of leaving R at the daycare..and hubby returning from office..and MIL/ FIL contemplating whether to come or not to the airport…I FORGOT the over coat….so as I go into the check in queue…I realise I am the ONLY one without an I am heroic…I decide to take out one of the sweaters from the suitcase which is supposed to be opened at the hotel in London…anyways make a total fool of myself with my stuff practically falling off the suitcase..people in the queue wondering if I was sane or what..hehehehe 🙂
Lesson 3: Always ask..never be shy…so I didnt know where to plug in the weird headset I was given in the plane for entertainment…I watched half a movie (Ice age 3) in mute..and finally the uncle sitting next to me said…oh by the way you can put in your head sets here in this socket..yaa right!!! poor guy must have thought I was deaf and dumb or something….
Lesson 4: Check in LATE
I checked in exactly 3 hours before departure..and mine was the last luggage to come out at hte London airport…I was waiting for over 1.5 hours for it to come!!!!so plane lands at 6 in the evening and i get my luggage at 7.30!!!!
Lesson 5: Stand up for yourself

The cabbie who took me to the hotel..was quite rude…He expected me to give him a tip..I had already confirmed with people there whether a tip was necessary for cabbies and they had told me not to give such tips…so when I told him to make a bill for what had come on the meter..he said something which I didnt understand…I was already shivering with my slim sweater at 5 C and I was like what..and he was like tip tip dont you want to give tip…I was like no is it necessary..and he was like…dont you know that when you come to a foreign land you are supposed to give a tip..typical Asian he murmured…I was so pissed off..I told I dont want to give you any tip..and then just walked into the hotel digusted!!!
Lesson 6: Check, double check and triple check your hotel bookings…I was told that the money has been paid for my hotel and when I went in…the receptionist tells me..yaa your booking is there..but you still have to pay the money….I was so flabbergast…I called up the boss who was a sweetheart and told me either to give cash or just tell them that we would pay tomorrow from his credit card…anyways I had cash..and they DONT accept TCs so basically had to give them pounds…I was so dog tired that I just crashed into bed even without dinner
Lesson 7: Jaywalking exists only in Mumbai???I had a really really tough time crossing the road after pressing the ‘wait’button and that too at specific place…there is no just going across the road in London 😦
Lesson 8: Its horrid to go sight seeing aloneI mean how much can you do alone…I really admire my hubby who went to Australia and went all round the place…I just couldnt ya…I was so pakaoed doing stuff alone…upar se the Brit accent is difficult to understand..I swear on that..should have watched more re-runs of ‘yes minister’ than ‘friends’!!!!!
Lesson 9: Obessing about the weather is not going to make it sunny!I was always thinking and thinking and thinking why the Brits are so obessed with the me after staying there for 3 am I…everyday there would be a discussion on what will be the weather like..and I had become equally obssesed as well…
Lesson 10: You will always miss your baby and hubby where ever you are and what ever you say about needing a breakYes it was a good break from the really hectic life I lead in mumbai..but trust me…I missed R like crazy..and even hubby heheheeh 🙂 It was a tough choice to leave her and go..and Thank God that I have the best in laws on earth who came all the way from Calcutta to take care of her..and MIL is the most amazingly patient person on earth who managed R without absolutely any probs..and her daycare ensured she was always happy and gay…but then…I missed her…seriously missed her…
More on the adventures later 🙂


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5 Responses to London Lessons

  1. apu says:

    Nice post, R! I can quite imagine the challenge of dealing with English weather, for a Mumbaikar 🙂 Glad to know you survived everything…

  2. Mama - Mia says:

    LOVED reading this post! you have mentioned some really practical stuff that one should know! 8c would be anything but pleasant for me too!! hehe!hope you had fun! what did you get for R and the hubby?cheers!

  3. R's Mom says:

    @Aps: Yaa totally survived it :)@Abha: What did I get for R and hubby??? Well hubby wanted ManU original T shirt..toh got that..and I am the worst mom on earth..Got just one dress for R..that too is so oversized that its not going to fit her for the next 4 years 😦 Sad na!!!

  4. Nins says:

    Well compiled London experience Raakhee. Palak told you also met her…and that you had good time. Sahi hoga na to meet her in London….its a nice feeling to meet pals.

  5. R's Mom says:

    @Nins: Yaaaaaaaa! I met Palak didi and Kushaan and it was so much fun..he is such a sweetiepie 🙂

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