I am Scared

I am really scared..trust me…All this makes me sure that I dont want another kid…I now work in an organisation where the average female age is above 40 and they have kids whose age is 8 to 10 years to about 15 years…
The ladies I eat lunch with have kids of about 8 to 13 years..and their exams (I mean the kids) are ongoing..it seems as if these ladies only have their exams..one of them is on leave till the end her daughter’s exams to make her study…the other two are constantly monitoring what their kids are doing by phone..they sit with them to study and some of the things they say are so scary…like they sit with them and do the sums, by heart the entire poem and say it with them, sharpen their pencils, check their homework, stay awake during exams time…take their lessons every day!
the lady who sits in the next cubicle has two kids (ya ya this I am concluding by eavsdropping her phone calls…but she is loud so its not on purpose) the elder one is taking care of the younger one..and both of them have exams…and she is constantly monitoring their studies by phone every half an hour….You study SS now and then make your bro study Maths…I want all the sums to be completed in teh notebook by the time I come home..and you ensure that your finish your answers of civics so that I can take the test…!
When I told these ladies to just let them be and tell them that they have to study for their own good…all three of them looked at me in total silence for about 10 pregnant seconds and then burst out laughing so hard that we had to be shushed by people around…they find it very funny!!!! the eldest of them tells me…baby you are still a baby and have a baby…in the next 5 years..let me hear you say this!!!
Gosh…am I upto all this…can I do this with R…will I have the patience after a hard day of work and horrid travel to sit with her and make her study…ensure that I remain patient if she makes a mistake in her sums or refuses to sit down to study….Its difficult bringing up a child…aint it????


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5 Responses to I am Scared

  1. Mama - Mia says:

    oh yeah! i hate the thought of it too.i so wish i had studied in school! i have NO clue how i am ever gonna teach Cub! gah!!but i sure hope not to hyperventilate so much! just the way my parents didnt when everyone around was!cheers!abha

  2. NOW you have made me feel scared too! I wasn't even thinking about all this, kya yaar! 🙂

  3. Smita says:

    HiYou are the same Rakhee… remember, last year itself you were thinking about the school, when R going to school was a distant future… so when R starts going to school, I am pretty sure that you will be worried about her studies in the same way 😉

  4. R's Mom says:

    @Abha: Give me some of your coolness…please please…I am really going hyper here…though hubby seems to be the balancing side..absolutely bindaas@Priyanka: Sorry sorry..but Singapore may not be so bad rey :)@Smits: Heheheheh! you know me well dont you 🙂

  5. starry eyed says:

    Sigh! I'm scared too. Though it's already started for me, my 8 year old has tests, but no homework, and she's doing well, don't have to teach her. But the pressure from other parents is annoying. The only thing I don't like is that when she has tests, I end up following all the precautions my mom used to do for me, no eating out, no ice cream, no movies, and a compulsory revision of all the test portions (even tho' its very simple stuff) and that creates a strain, but I guess its the way kids grow up, the relatively carefree years of preschool are giving way to more responsibility and supervision over studies. Let me see…another 15-20 years of this…AAAAAARGH!

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