7 Steps to Success for NOT letting your Mom Sleep in the Afternoon

This one has been on my draft since the day it was a holiday for Holi….From R to all the kiddos around the blogosphere!
Patented by : R
Patent Application No: 020502 (Patent pending)
I am planning to apply for a patent for this one….I have achieved this feat in my first attempt and I am extremely proud of it…
Step 1: Sleep for two hours before lunch so that you are well rested and active after eating your lunch, your thathi’s lunch, a bit of your thatha’s lunch and of course your mom’s lunch

Step 2: When your mom asks you if you want to do ‘babo tachi (sleep)’ you give an angelic smile and nod your head saying no…but mom wants to sleep so she will make you lie next to her and cuddle you
Step 3: Get cuddled for a while and then keep poking your hands into her eyes and if possible try and left her eye lashes to firstly to check how strong they are and secondly if they open her eyelids..and once her eyelids open..smile again and say ‘no tachi’
Step 4: If she forces you to sleep by saying..R close your eyes and take out your thumb..do that..but only to make it go in a cyclical order…and then after a while if she is not responding..say ‘su-su’…this is the magic word..it will make your mom jump up from the bed and rush you to the bathroom…You act as if you are trying really hard to do ‘su-su’ and then look up smile at mom and then nod your head saying ‘no su-su’ and then proceed to wear your pant as if its the most difficult thing on earth to do (well it is aint it..after all you have just learnt it and you are only 1.5 years!!) while mom looks at you half sleepy and encouragingly, you try for about 15 minutes and then act as if you are giving up..and then when mom comes to help you out…act independent….finally mom gives up and then just puts on the pants for you and proceeds to step 2
Step 5: Got back to step 3 and then when mom’s eyes start drooping…..say ‘potty’….now thats not the magic word..its the final golden word…and you can see your mom spring into action…get the potty..start the geyser…with your thathi rushing in to help mom half eying the latest saas bahu serial on star plus….sit on the potty..play around..smile…say hello to the fan, walls, ganpati bhagwan..and what not..and then act as if you are trying really really hard to go to potty….after about an exasperating 25 minutes…mom threatens to dump you into the bucket..and then say okie finally finally done..thathi washes you and mom throws away the potty..and then settles back to sleep threatening dire consequences if you dont sleep now..just smile away
Step 6: After about 3 minutes…say ‘macha kata’ (mosquito bite) in a very sad voice…which is sure to wake up mom from her slumber….look at her sadly rubbing your leg saying ‘macha kata’and ‘creama creama'(Cream cream).your mom is bound to get up from the bed….search around for the cream..and then apply it gently to your leg..smile encouragingly as she does it…and then when is says if thats enough..say yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..then say that ‘want thathi’ and when mom askes you to go to her while she sleeps….say ‘naaaaaaiiiiiii’ and hug her…
Step 7: As the door bell rings..your mom by now is totally bugged, irritated and fed up…say ‘appa aya..appa aya’ and run to the door..and then you realise that its really appa who has come back early..so jump around, do the monkey rain dance…hug appa..and of course eat from his plate while he feeds you titbits inspite of warnings from his mom and his wife…Mission accomplished and mom has really come out of the sleep mode..so now,,, do the main thing…As dad says he will shut his eyes a bit..go hug him, snuggle next to him and go into dreamland…while mom is left making cups of tea for thatha thathi and herself….
(C)Copyright reserved..if any of you guys want to really follow this step by step procedure to success…actually..you can …its so much fun!!!!


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3 Responses to 7 Steps to Success for NOT letting your Mom Sleep in the Afternoon

  1. Poulami says:

    ROFL!!R seems to have perfected the entire process..smart kid ehhh!!

  2. Priya says:

    Hi R's mom! Came over from Mindful Meanderer!Loved this post! I can so relate to it. Actually made me nostalgic about one particular sleepy afternoon with my daughter :).. was smiling to myself as i read this!!

  3. R's Mom says:

    @Pamz: You know your kiddo dont you ;)@Priya: Welcome here 🙂 hahaha you can relate can you…and trust me it was so so bugging that day..gosh I cant tell you how much 🙂

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